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• 28m

Good Dunmer Dragonborn mods?

Starting a new playthrough where i play as a shipwrecked nerevarine years after his fateful trip to Akavir. He lost his iconic bonemeal armor and is clad in ebony. Any mods or ideas for this playthrough?
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• 1h

Modders read this

Bethesda as we all know is working on redfall even as we speak(or read for that matter). They need an example of what wants to be seen ingame as far as game play features and detail. So i have been appointed to find the most immersive, lore friendly, and table turning mods available to create one very massive overhaul of skyrim complete with a list of potential bugs and how to fix them. I have a list started already, but i will need your permissions and possibly your help to dig deep into the 1's and 0's to eliminate any compatibility issues.

The focus of this is immersion, realism, and lore bound content bound into one esm. Redfall is a ways away and we have plenty of time so no concern about performance has been expressed as new hardwares will be available by the time of its release.

If you would like your mods included and can give express permission please leave a link in the comments along with a brief overview of the details of your content.

Appreciation is expressed in advance. Happy modding everyone 😀
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• 1h

Just to cover some things

So the last post i made got more of a discussion then i thought it would and they started a couple of questions about me so now im going to answer them and discuss what happened with the post.

So first of all i am definitely not imperial battlemage and if i was why on earth would i start a new account?

Also if i dont respond to your replies it is most likely because i am asleep because i live in australia and i presume that most of you live in america so you are 10-12 hours ahead of me which means that when you wake up, i will be going to bed.

But the main reason im uploading this post is because i do not want any of my posts to become locked for being off topic, which happened twice to my previous post, so keep the discussion on topic and not off topic because i wouldnt be posting this if my previous post became most likely permanently locked for being off topic.

I know this post is probably going to get deleted for being off topic but i did need to cover this stuff so it doesnt happen again to my posts.

Also in about a week i'll be starting a daily skyrim Xbox 1 mod reveiw because i've played through heaps of mods and i would like to cover them on my account so you know which mod is good and bad, and trust me, there is alot of bad ones!

Also in a couple of days i'll be asking alot of lore based questions since i'll be writing a short book known as the adventurers guide to nirn, so please answer them to help me finish this book, thanks.

Well thats all i wanted to say, plz do not not take down this post because it is rather important to me, thanks.
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• 2h

Can’t download mods.

I’ve been trying to download some mods for Skyrim, and whenever I try to install them, it says, "The operation could not be completed." I have a Bethesda account and I’m signed in. But it still won’t work.

I’ve restarted my Xbox One X and router multiple times, but the message keeps popping up. But my Xbox says my internet is good and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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• 5h


Is there still no release date for legends on console? In June it will be a year....
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• 7h

Calling out some BS

Never really gave it much thought but doing a more mage heavy run of skyrim and thought I'd grab the Saarthal Amulet. Going off of the back story and lore you find doing the quest you would think it could destroy whole city's but once it's put back together it only gives you "Spells cost 3% less to cast". I know they can't put game braking stuff in a game but c'mon man you can't say hundreds upon hundred of people died and this family broke apart for this pace of actual shit. Give me somthing alittle badass that's apart ll am saying!
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• 8h

I’ve learned and why.?

So from my previous post about your fave, your first and which one u got more done, most of the time your first TES would be your fave but doesn’t have to be the best and you got more done on your first and fave. Like me for instance my first is Skyrim my fave is Skyrim and I got more done on Skyrim, but I think the best is Oblivion. And that’s what I love about this app you can learn these things on this from other peoples experiences on these amazing games. But here is the why question, I do love these games I truly do they give me feelings and emotions that no other game does but how come I can never get into Morrowind or Oblivion like I do Skyrim and those two are better is it because Skyrim is my first and fave I just don’t know why?
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• 9h

Lesser known artifacts/unique items

Are there any lesser known or artifacts or unique items you would like to see in an elder scrolls game. What are they? What do they do? What would you change about them? Let me know in the comments.
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• 9h

Help: clases sistem

I'm about to buy ESO and was wondering if anyone could help me on which class should I pick, also explain me how does the class system work, I usually play a tank-like style but with a little bit of magic.
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• 10h

Wiki glitch

Soooo, whenever I try to access a post from the notifications bar after someone leaves a reply, it takes me to web view, even though I access it from the app. It's fine if I go into someone's profile and tap a comment, or just tap on a post, that takes me to the post, but the notifications bar is BROKEN
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• 10h

Which came first: Oghma Infinium or Mysterium Xarxes?

There's gonna quite a few of my own tinfoil hat theories dotted throughout this opening post, so feel free to dispute. For the purpose of this brain fart, I intend to boil deities down to the base concept they represent.

Oghma Infinium: a compendium of all knowable knowledge created by Xarxes with information provided by Hermeus Mora.

Mysterium Xarxes: a compendium of profound and revelatory information compiled by Mehrunes Dagon.

Xarxes: God of records / death. Synonymous with Arkay and Tu'Wacca. Arkay preceded by Orkay; Malacath. Malacath = posthumous Trinimac (son of three).

Mehrunes Dagon: God of destruction, revolution, and change. Forged in the bowels of Lyg (previous kalpa?) by Meridia (once Et'Ada) who consorted with daedra (methinks Molag Bal). Meridia, the break of dawn, leads to Dagon, the dawn. Dagon revolts / destroys, leaving Lyg to Domination. Lots of cold chains, et cetera.

Xarxes is absent (name taken from long dead, revered Aldmer who represents / mantles the God of Records and Death perhaps?) but Arkay is present. At least one Altmer, priest of Arkay, believes Akray an uplifted mortal (Xarxes perhaps?), but Akay is an ancient concept and amongst the "first spirits". Perhaps absent and needs replacing? Uplifted by Mara (Meridia...?) This leads me back to Trinimac / Malacath. Overtones of the Missing God, but that's not surprising given that half the coin is the tails-side. Perhaps Dagon is to Trinimac what Arkay is to Xarxes?

Long ramble terminated. Mankar (mad but sincere) refers to the Mysterium Xarxes as "forfather to the wife of all enigma", that being the Oghma Infinium (Xarxes named his wife Oghma). Xarxes created Oghma. If both are nothing more than their respective books, then the Ohgma Infinium could be a transcribed copy of the Mysterium Xarxes (penned by the soul uplifted to become current Arkay). Is Dagon (or a previous form / associated concept) responsible for writing the record which became accessible by Mora (courtesy of his sphere) and thereby imparted upon the being who wrote the Oghma Infinium?

I expect no solid answer to this nonsense, and invite other nonsense to join it. I just want to know whether it was the chicken or the egg and why I can't take the damned burnt pages from the Museum of the Mythic Dawn!
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• 11h

How Far to Go?

One day, when I was released from prison once again, I wondered"How far would I have to go to receive the death penalty?" If you guys can help me come to a conclusion that would be cool.
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• 14h

Where is svidi ?

I was given a quest by sibbi Black-briar when I found him in a cell in riften jail he asked me to find a black haired woman named svidi I searched all riften and found no clue about her .
a friend of mine gave me a hint and told me to look in ivarstead i went there and found no woman named svidi there ? Any hints 😅
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• 17h

Hi guys.

So, this is my first post in a while. I'd like to explain a little bit and hopefully get back into this community.

Shortly after my last post, I believe the Draugnarok Part 2 post, I found out some medical news that threw me for a loop. At the age of sixteen I found out that do to a hereditary disease, my kidneys were beginning to fail. It took me a while to deal with this but I got over it.

Now, at twenty, I've been diagnosed with a (fairly) benign form of stomach cancer. It took me a while to deal with this. Posting on the wiki has kind of been my last thought right now, and I apologize if I left anyone hanging with the build I'd been working on.

I'm not exactly sure if I should be posting this here, but I figured I should post something to explain my absence. I'd like to get around to posting more here. If anyone's interested in that just let me know. Anyway, I might work on something later tonight.
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This post is locked.
• 17h

Lol theres a ninth era

So i was scrolling thru some lore articles till i found this gem of an article (for me personally), this article is about the ninth era which takes place 4 eras after the fifth era, which occured after the fourth era.
I personally dont know if this is canon though, but it has been referenced in the elder scrolls series.
If your interested in the lore of tamriel his is a must read, no matter if its canon or not.
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• 19h

What on earth is a fishy stick?

So as ive been scrolling through conversations ive seen many people give others a thing known as a fishy stick and then link the community guidelines below, ive read around half of the community guidelines and i still have no idea of what a fishy stick is, and they seem to be given only to relatively new accounts, can you please tell me what it is and what it means?
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• 20h

Better timeline

So when i was bored i decided to look up an article that is the timeline of tamriel except it was so boring, mainly because of how much useless detail they put into the article that i couldnt read it, if you know an article that is a more rounded up timeline of tamriel with not to much detail and only lists main events id love to read it, so if you know an article like that plz give me a link to it

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• 21h

Thane of the Pale Bug

Level 32, completed Waking Nightmares preliminary quest, and have helped 2/3 people from the Pale.

A few possible quests to help people of the pale can’t be completed because I can’t find any of the people. I had to assassinate Beitild, so I know I can’t use her, but her husband is nowhere to be found. Anga’s mill is empty with no sign of aeri. Pretty frustrating. At the moment, the whole city of dawn star seems to be super sparsely populated and not very many NPCs walking around. I zipped through the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quest lines before doing much of nothing else in the game, but I don’t remember murdering any of these other people in the pale that I need to become thane.

Anybody have any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance
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• 21h

Magic in oblivion

What makes it better than the magic in skyrim other than making your own spells.
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• 22h

I like Nords. Know anything cool abt them? The pages on Nords r meh.

I like Nords. But seriously the character descriptions are not that fantastic. I assume you guys have some cool lore to share tho.
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