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Trapdoor in Skyrim—Whiterun?

There is a trapdoor just called “Mysterious Trapdoor” by the well in Whiterun. Upon entering, you find 4 Dibella Statues, 255 gold ingot, and 10,000 gold. To enter the cell/cage thing that houses the treasure, you have to pick a master lock. I have tried searching this online with no results? What is this?

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• 39m

Windhelm non-loading cell glitch (PS4)

All the houses and buildings in Windhelm don't seem to want to load. The cell will load but just not any of the actual visuals/items in the cells
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• 1h

When I click a article in the search bar it doesn’t open

Okay... I’m trying this unified Fandom app but discovered that searching a article won’t open it when it is brought up in the suggested tab. As I the only one having this
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Now I know you can convince Serana to get cured of her vampirism but I'm wondering if it would really be worth it. I know she becomes one hell of a magic user but is it worth the trade off of losing a vampire as a follower? Has anyone done this and in your experience would you have kept her a vampire instead?
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• 3h

Elder scrolls knowledge

Does anybodyknow any good Elder Scrolls Novels?
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• 4h

Article count

So, apparently there's 989,000 pages on the wiki. Since there isn't everything on Morrowind, Oblivion, Daggerfall & Arena on here, would the wiki be able to get 1,000,000 pages by adding everything, along with some stuff from ESO if there isn't enough?
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• 4h

How to get rid of serana

So my freind accidentally started the dawnguard questline and now he has serana as a permanent follower and desperatly wants to get rid of her, is their any way to do that?
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• 5h

Saguinare Vampiris

I have a question: If you're a regular human and contracts Saguinare Vampiris from Harkon himself in Vampire Lord Form, will you be able to become an vampire lord or regular vampire?
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• 5h

Whet is goin on

I'm on my phone and when ever I click the Bell and then on one of the notifications it changes to the website and dosent stay on the app. Need help!
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• 5h

Marriage and iona

So this is a stupid question but should I get married to Iona on the wiki it said her voice lines sound a bit forced is there anyone else that you guys would suggest?
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I can't remember my username I reset my phone and this app was deleted how do I get it back?
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"Armor Sets"

If you have played ESO then you most certainly know about the different sets in the game. If you could add a set from eso into skyrim what would it be? and why?
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• 8h

Magic only playthrough

I've been thinking about starting a new profile to dive into a mage character, as I've only done the classic sword n board style and a stealty Archer up to this point. I played a "magic only build" through Oblivion but even that mainly relied on hand to hand combat with support spells. Any tips on good magic schools to use in combat? So far I'm thinking Restoration, Destruction mainly, but any tips would be greatly appreciated! I've never really used any of the magic in Skyrim besides seeking out the transmute spell for jewellery smithing 😂
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• 8h

We gonna need a bigger city...

Holy moly matrimony markarth always seems to have a bunch of guards spawning at once when u fast travel to the keep!
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• 10h

Which guild/ faction is the most powerful in Skyrim?

Thieves. assassins. Mages. Companions. Bards. Which one holds the highest position of power with the most influence. And which one would be most capable to take over?
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• 13h

Skyrim Hints elder scrolls 6 in TES 5

Is it a coincidence that certain npcs hint of hammerfell because I feel a lot of npcs brings up hammerfell and even the ebony warrior is a redguard possibly referring to the next elder scrolls game food for thought.
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• 14h

Achlys: The follower of Mephala (Full story: SPOILER ALERTS for beginners)

This is not just the backstory, but an account of her journey. I may have missed the mark involving some of the lore, so please forgive me.

Race: Dunmer (female)

Follower of Mephala

Weapons: Ebony Blade

Spells: Fire Destruction, Fenzy/Calm, Muffle

Armor: Ebony Mail, Ebony Helmet (fortify destruction), Ebony Gauntlets (fortify 2 handed), Ebony Boots (fortify sneak), Ring/Necklace (fortify destruction).

Skills: 2 Handed, Illusion, Sneak, Heavy Armor, Enchanting

Quests/Factions: Dark Brotherhood, Main Quest, Dawnguard (vampire), Oblivion Walker (achievement)

Companion: none

Achlys grew up on the island of Solstheim, on an ash yam farm with her parents. She had no idea they were secretly Morag Tong assassins, working for one of the last Grandmasters of Morrowwind. She would find out after the couple did not return from a mission. Her parents had received word the Sithis worshiping Dark Brotherhood had sent an assassin to interfere with an inter-house rivalry. They quickly went to stop their return to Skyrim, but were betrayed by an unknown, and never returned.

Now orphaned and alone, Achlys ran. She was found by the Grandmaster. He took her in and raise her in secret, fearing the Dark Brotherhood would return for her. She trained as a Morag Tong along the rest of the members, but her past was kept from them for her protection. No one ever found the betrayers. He taught her the ways of Mephala, and how to kill in secret, cover it up, and make it seem to be someone else. After decades of training, she would be given her first Writ, though she did not know it would be the only one she ever received.

Upon reading it, she knew straight away why the Grandmaster had chosen her for the job. It read, "Travel to Skyrim. Mephala will contact you through two mediums. One will be in the form of a young boy. The second will be through the Dark Brotherhood. While the second quest is the ultimate mark, the first is more important. The boy knows where the Ebony Blade is hidden. Get it back, and use it to destroy the Dark Brotherhood from the inside out. Remember... Mephala will guide your hand." Posing as a refugee, she immediately set out for Skyrim, never expecting to return.

Her ship landed in Windhelm, where her kind are harassed and segregated to one side of the city to live poorly. She wandered the city for a few days listening for any leads. None presented themselves, and she had no where to go. Eventually, after a few years had passed Achlys grew resentful of the treatment she endured as a Dunmer. It took all she had not to act on her impulses, and use her training on the people degrading her race. Finally she snapped. She began using her illusion magicka, taught to her by the Grandmaster, to turn the city's people against each other. At one point, she made the decision to abandon her mission and act on her own. She planned to frame Ulfric Stormcloak. She followed him on one of his raids. Little did she know, he had others hunting him as well. Just before making her move, Ulfric was captured by the Imperial Legion. Achlys tried leaving unseen, but found herself paralyzed, as if under a spell. She, in turn, was captured. It seemed she would share the fate of her prey.

They prisoners were taken to Helgen. Just as the axe was to fall on her head, a dragon fell from the sky. Quickly, Achlys fled with the help of the others. After navigating an underground escape route, Achlys is led to Riverwood. There she learns a little more about the dragons, gathers supplies, and heads to Whiterun at the request of her suppliers. She arrives early in the morning. After gaining entry to the city, she makes her way to Dragonsreach to inform the Jarl of the dragon's rising. He fears for his people and sends guards to Riverwood, and sends Achlys (at the request of the court mage) to retrieve a stone tablet that he thinks may have some answers. initially, Achlys refuses to get involved, until she meets the Jarl's son. Achlys can sense Mephala in his words, and remembers the words of her Writ from years ago. She decides to go along with the Jarl's wish so she may not raise suspicion while observing the boy.

Achlys is sent to a Barrow to find the stone. Upon finding it and returning to the Jarl's court mage, she is asked one more favor. She is now sent with a group of soldiers to see about a dragon near Whiterun. As she has no further information regarding the boy, she accepts, in order to gain the favor of the Jarl. As he feared, a dragon attacks her party. After dispatching the the fiery threat, she learns something about herself. The soul of the dragon is absorbed into herself, granting her its power. She returns to the Jarl and tells of the dragons defeat and her ability. He tells her of the Dragonborn, and the way of the voice. If she wanted to know more she would need to visit the Graybeards. For a moment she forgot about her search for Mephala, and sought a place where she could come to terms with the days events. She wandered into the local tavern for rest and refreshment. While there she overhears the barkeep speak of a rumor involing the Jarl's son. Finally a lead!

Suddenly shaken from her distraction, Achlys hurries back to Dragonsreach to ask the Jarl about his son, and the rumors. He doesn't offer much. As a result Achlys decides to approach the child herself. He speaks of a "Whispering Door" and a voice asking him for secrets, and telling him some as well! This must be the child who was to lead Achlys to Mephala. After searching, she finds the door. It is locked, but the voice still speaks. Alas, Mephala! After a few formalities, Mephala instructs Achlys to open the door and claim the power behind it. The Ebony Blade she was sent for all those years ago! With the help of the child, she claims the key from the court mage. Upon entering the basement, and claiming the blade, Mephala explains the blade must first claim the life of one close to Achlys. Achlys was officially back on her mission. She charged the blade and set forth looking for the Dark Brotherhood.

After wandering Skyrim for sometime, further charging the Ebony Blade, Achlys found herself, once again, in Windhelm. She was searching out another young boy who was rumored to be attempting contact with the Dark Brotherhood. She finds him to be a fellow orphan. He speaks of a horrible person he wants killed. As this was the only lead towards encountering the Dark Brotherhood, she set out for Riften. After arriving, and questioning the inhabitants, she finds the woman and kills her. Achlys then hangs around town for a few sleepless days, learning more about the Dark Brotherhood from some of the members of the Thieves Guild. She also hears about a group called the Dawnguard from a passing guard. This group interests her, as her hunger for power grew as the Ebony Blade was charged. She had heard of the Vampire Lords long ago from the Grandmaster. That night she finally was able to sleep, only to awaken to a surprise!

Achlys wakes up feeling hazy, as if drugged. She sees a woman in the corner who identifies herself as the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. Her Dunmer blood boils as she fights the urge to kill her on the spot, but she remembers again the Writ. She complies with the woman, knowing this will lead to another meeting with Mephala, who will tell her when the time has come. After traveling to their sanctuary she spends some time learning their ways, studying their habits and system, and their goals. After some time Mephala again shows a sign. The Nightmother's arrival is a good omen for Achlys, as she is believed by some to be a vessel of Mephala. The Nightmother eventually speaks to Achlys, naming her the Listener. Immediately, she sees the big picture. The leader of the organization is already threatened, and begins tearing the group apart. All Achlys need do now is carry out Mephala's bidding through her role as the Listener, and watch the Dark Brotherhood burn from within!

After completing multiple requests from the Dark Brotherhood, a contract comes up that even Achlys is excited to be a part of. Kill the emperor. It would not be easy, and required multiple steps. Achlys did as told by the Nightmother, but found herself betrayed my none other than the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. "How symbolic", smiled Achlys to herself. "They wish to kill me by interfering in my contract. The same way they killed my parents." In a calculated fury, Achlys fought her way back to the sanctuary only to find it burned, and most everyone already dead. That is except for the leader, who had betrayed her whole family in her jealousy. Mephala had finally blessed Achlys with the chance she had been waiting for all those years. She killed the leader with the Ebony Blade fulfilling her revenge, and completing her Writ. The remaining members moved and asked Achlys to come. They saw at once she would not, as she gazed back at them with silence and a fire in her eyes. they now understood what it was to be lost and alone.

Achlys left feeling empowered. She set forth to collect the Daedric artifacts from their Princes to use as her own. Now free to do Mephala's bidding, she would seek out Harkon. Time passed and she eventually collected all of the remaining Daedric artifacts. By now many people across Skyrim had heard the whispers of a dark figure bringing misery to all that opposed her. Now free from her Writ, she sought only to build her powers through lies, secrets, and evil plots against any Mephala ordered. This included even some of the Daedric princes as well, as Mephala had many enemies. Her first Daedric target would be the followers of Mephala's rival Molag Bal, whom she had encountered on one of her Daedric quests. This led her to seek out the Dawnguard to find Harkon, where she would gain the powers of the Vampire Lord. Eventually, she killed their leader. using the powers he had given her to turn his family against him.

Now with her hunger for power growing greater, Achlys sought to destroy any who may be stronger. She had once heard of Alduin while helping the Jarl of Whiterun. It seemed like a lifetime ago now, but she remembered his words about the way of the voice. Her journey in Skyrim had come full circle. Alduin the World Eater, she decided, would meet his death. Once again, Achlys would use the friends and powers against her foe.

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I don’t know if I had made a post on this before but what are builds like I know but don’t know what there for just for role playing right? And if that’s what they are for should I do some and if so can u guys give me some good ideas?
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• 17h

Show me a random article question

Hey! Though this is less of an intellectual or lore based discussion I was noted to ask about the random post section. When I go to show me a random article, I’m a little disappointed that it always gives me a skyrim related article. I wasn’t sure if there was any way to tweak it or something I missed but, I’ve read about a hundred random ones from Skyrim. It would just be awesome to randomly select CHIM for some that have never explored the topic before, or learn about the Oblivion crisis for those who’ve never played Oblivion. Just a little thought
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Rune mod for Xbox

When you cast a rune and someone gets hurt by it, everyone automatically knows you did it, even though nobody saw you cast it. Any mods for Xbox that can fix this?
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