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Province Skyrim
Hold The Pale
Jarl Skald the Elder
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Dawnstar (ドーンスター)とは The Pale英語版の首都で、Skyrimにおける主要都市のひとつである。また、豊富な鉱山と港[1]Skyrim北岸の守備隊の駐屯地としても知られている。Jarl Skald the Elder英語版が統治しており、2カ所のMines (Skyrim)英語版と港、少数の住人からなる比較的小さな町である。そして、Skyrimの中でも、Winterhold (Skyrim City)英語版Windhelm (Skyrim)英語版と並ぶ、永久に雪と氷に閉ざされた寒冷な集落のひとつである。なお、Dragons (Skyrim)英語版によく襲撃される街の一つでもある。

歴史[編集 | ソースを編集]

It was after the destruction of a fortress in Dawnstar during 2E 283英語版that Potentate Versidue Shaie英語版declared martial law, leading to one of the most brutal and bloody periods in the history of Tamriel.[2][3] This also led to the creation of the Fighters Guild英語版, Mages Guild英語版, and Thieves Guild during the Guilds Act英語版.[4][5]

The village was rebuilt at least before the end of the Third Era英語版.[6] However, it is noted in the Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition: Skyrim英語版 that Macella was the Queen of Dawnstar, and had married King Thian英語版of Solitude.

Around 4E 201, Dawnstar's citizens were suffering from a series of nightmares by the Skull of Corruption英語版. The Last Dragonborn and a former priest of Vaermina英語版, a dunmer named Erandur, went to the Nightcaller Temple英語版and ended the city's suffering.

主要なロケーション[編集 | ソースを編集]

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The banner of Dawnstar.

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  • It is possible that "Dranstar," which is mentioned in the book Ice and Chitin, is a different name for Dawnstar, due to them both being located in northern Skyrim.

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  • Traveling to Dawnstar when a member of the Companions is a follower may cause them to flee inexplicably from a random battle with a dragon.
  • To the left of the Dawnstar Mine, there are some trees and a couple of rocks. Crouch and search around the rocks and the option to search an invisible chest appears. The chest contains the contents of a Khajiiti merchant named Ahkari, denoted by the presence of Moon Sugar and Skooma (cargo appropriate for an Elsweyr smuggler) within the chest. It is possible to take all the items without any consequences. To make the contents of the chest respawn, face Ahkari within interaction distance, wait forty-eight hours then ask what she has for sale. There is a chance that each time talking to Ahkari about what she has for sale will have some items in the chest change randomly, making each visit to the chest a little different.

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