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"What is the music of life?"
"Silence, my brother."

"I told him you can't stop the Dark Brotherhood. Never could."
Emperor Titus Mede II英語版[典拠]

The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. The Dark Brotherhood is called upon by those who wish to utilize their deadly services through a ritual called "The Black Sacrament英語版". They were once the most highly feared organization in all of Tamriel, but have lost their reputation over time. At one point, they were governed by The Five Tenets英語版, which set the ground rules for being in the Brotherhood, but those Tenets have long since been abandoned.

The Dark Brotherhood has been operating in Tamriel for many centuries, at one time having many clandestine sanctuaries across the Empire. They revere Sithis英語版, the avatar of entropy and chaos, as well as the Night Mother英語版, who is the spiritual leader of the Dark Brotherhood. However, the Night Mother has not spoken to anyone for quite some time....

Joining or destroying the Brotherhood[]

"Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."
The Black Sacrament英語版 ritual[典拠]

Any man or woman may join the Dark Brotherhood. Initiates must also display the ability to kill mercilessly, without regret or sorrow. As a result, their ranks include Vampires, Werewolves英語版 and Bandits英語版 as well as Mage英語版s. The player can go to any inn and ask for the latest gossip from the innkeeper. The innkeeper may tell the player that Aventus Aretino英語版 is trying to perform the Black Sacrament in Windhelm英語版. Or, if in Riften英語版, the player should speak to a man named Maul英語版. He can usually be found standing against a post off to the left at the entrance of the city. After sharing some tough words, he can give information on both the Thieves Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood; for a price, of course. (Upon intimidation, persuasion or upon being shown an unusual gem, Maul's information is free). The children at the Honorhall Orphanage will also speak about Aventus' attempts to summon the Dark Brotherhood, which will give the player a miscellaneous objective as well. Speaking with Aventus Aretino英語版 initiates the quest Innocence Lost英語版 and starts the Dark Brotherhood questline. After accepting Aretino's proposal, the player is directed to visit the Honorhall Orphanage. Upon speaking to the children there, and they will tell the player Aventus Aretino escaped and planned to kill their Headmistress, Grelod the Kind英語版, by summoning the Dark Brotherhood. Kill Grelod (the children will cheer and celebrate once she's dead.)

The Five Tenents are no longer followed by the Brotherhood.

24 hours after Innocence Lost英語版 has been completed, a courier will appear to the player in any city, with a note with a black hand and the words "We Know". After receiving the note, sleeping in any bed will begin the next phase of the quest (the acquisition of this note is optional). After some restful slumber, the player is seemingly abducted by a Dark Brotherhood Assassin in their sleep, and wakes up in an Abandoned Shack英語版. (This is where the decision to join or destroy The Dark Brotherhood can be made). There, the player is asked by Astrid英語版 to kill one of three people in the room, initiating the quest With Friends Like These英語版. Killing one, two, or even all of the potential victims will earn the Dragonborn an invitation to join the Dark Brotherhood. The Dragonborn may also take the opportunity to destroy the organization by attacking the Dark Brotherhood representative, Astrid英語版. This will initiate the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!英語版 (This is the only chance to destroy the dark brotherhood because after joining, the Brotherhood members are otherwise unkillable.)

  • Killing a Dark Brotherhood Assassin (when attacked randomly, at a random location) holds no ramifications as the 5 Tenets have been abandoned.
  • It is not possible to sacrifice a Dark Brotherhood Initiate in Boethiah's Calling英語版.
  • A Werewolf can still sleep in any bed, initiating the quest.
  • Killing Astrid, or pickpocketing her with the Perfect Touch perk (which will allow the player to join the Dark Brotherhood), yields a pair of boots enchanted with the Muffle英語版 ability. (This armor feature is also obtainable by joining the Thieves Guild and becoming a Nightingale英語版. The Nightingale Armor英語版 features boots with the muffle ability. You could also disenchant a pair of muffle enchanted boots (randomly found throughout the game) and then enchant any boots you choose.)

Joining the Dark Brotherhood requires a high sneak skill. Jobs done for them often need the Dragonborn to remain stealthy, and kill an enemy without being detected. A very useful perk to obtain in doing so, is Assassin's Blade英語版. To get this, the Dragonborn must have a level 50 sneak skill (along with the other perks leading up to it). It will allow sneak attacks with daggers to do x15 damage to the unsuspecting enemy. This will likely initiate a killcam of the Dragonborn slitting the throat or stabbing the other character in complete stealth (or there will just be a slash and the other character will just fall over dead).

Dark Brotherhood quests[]

Armor and apparel[]

When completing quests in the Dark Brotherhood, the player can obtain four different armor sets.

  • Shrouded Armor (Skyrim)英語版 - obtained at the beginning of With Friends Like These...英語版
  • Cicero's Armor英語版 - obtained if Cicero英語版 is killed during The Cure For Madness英語版.
  • Jester's Outfit英語版 - found on the table in the Dawnstar Sanctuary英語版 during The Cure For Madness英語版. The variation is weaker statistically than Cicero's Armor.
  • Ancient Shrouded Armor英語版 - obtained by redeeming Olava's Token英語版.
  • Shrouded Robes英語版 - found in the Falkreath Sanctuary英語版, located on the shelves in the first room upon entrance. It can also be obtained from corpse of Gabriella英語版 during Death Incarnate英語版 or Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!英語版.

Dawnstar Sanctuary[]

The Night Mother英語版's coffin at the Dawnstar Sanctuary.

"What is life's greatest illusion?
Innocence, my brother."
―Dawnstar Sanctuary Door

Astrid's betrayal[]

After Astrid英語版 betrays the brotherhood to Commander Maro英語版 and the Penitus Oculatus英語版 during the first assassination attempt against Emperor英語版 Titus Mede II英語版, the Penitus Oculatus ravage the Falkreath Sanctuary, killing all but Nazir英語版, Babette英語版, and possibly Cicero英語版. During the attack, the Night Mother英語版 hides her Listener英語版 within her coffin, to protect them from the invaders and the fires they ignited in the sanctuary. The Listener awakens in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, safe and sound.

Refurnishing the sanctuary[]

Nazir sends the Listener to Delvin Mallory英語版 in The Ragged Flagon英語版 for assistance with refurbishing the sanctuary. The total upgrade of the sanctuary costs 19,000 GoldIcon.png. The 20,000 GoldIcon.png reward given by Amaund Motierre英語版 for killing the Emperor can cover this entire expense.

Afterwards, the Listener may report back to Nazir, who effectively serves as a Speaker英語版 for additional contracts that do not have significance to the faction's storyline. The Night Mother can be approached an unlimited number of times for more radiant quests英語版, rewarding 500-1200 GoldIcon.png per assassination.





  • Normally the Dark Brotherhood will not attack the Dragonborn if attacked first, however, if a player reverse pickpockets a fellow member, all members will attack.
  • If the player joins the Dark Brotherhood, passing guards may sometimes say: "Psst... I know who you are. Hail Sithis!" or "It's not true what they say about you and... and the Dark Brotherhood, is it?"

Achievement と Trophy[]

With Friends Like These... (Achievement).png
With Friends Like These…
Join the Dark Brotherhood
Points 10 Game points.png
Bronze trophy

Bound Until Death (Achievement).png
Bound Until Death
Complete "Bound Until Death英語版"
Points 10 Game points.png
Bronze trophy

Hail Sithis! (Achievement).png
Hail Sithis!
Complete "Hail Sithis!英語版"
Points 30 Game points.png
Silver trophy