Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition (pl. Kieszonkowy przewodnik po Cesarstwie, Pierwsza edycja) - zamówiony przez cesarza Tibera Septima, wydany przez Cesarskie Towarzystwo Geograficzne w 2E 864, pierwszy z serii kieszonkowych przewodników po Cesarstwie.

Podany dokument funkcjonuje jako część instrukcji do gry The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. Większość stron dostępnej kopii jest przepleciona zapiskami naniesionymi przez nieznanego mera znanego jako "YR".

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Treść zapisów:

Severest Uncle,

Before taking my post as military attaché in the so-called Imperial City (a foreshadowing of the pretensions of these humans), I took your advice and made a sojourn across the Outerlands, both within this newborn Empire and those regions it has yet to acquire ~

Make no mistake, Talos (now Tiber Septim in resplendant Cyrodilic) is still on the ascendant. I now believe the oracles have been badly misinterpreted - Septim may indeed be the Dragonborn as foretold. The Mer must unite at last or be consumed one by one. Father, blessed be his name's numeric mystery, was one of the few on the Thalmor to oppose Andel Crodo's policy of nonintervention that if continued will be the doom of all the Elder Races. I understand that my present assignment is intended as a punishment for not following in my father's footsteps, but I urge you to overlook our personal disagreements and to relay my findings to the full Council.

I forward this pamphlet as a sample of the official propaganda from Septim's regime, annotated with my own observations, which while not tempered by age and wisdom are yet valuable as a record of a naive traveler ~ YR

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Treść zapisów:

this remains to be seen

So, even the humans have heard of Old Ehlnofey

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Treść zapisów:

Breathtaking arrogance!

Dangerous racialism ~ there shall be accomodations as with Reman.

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