Quests que acontecem em The Elder Scrolls Online. O jogador é presenteado com ouro e armas únicas quando ele termina uma missão. Todas as missões são opcionais; o jogador pode passar o jogo inteiro explorando para subir de nível.

Quests principais

Artigo principal: Quests Principais (Online)
  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
  • The Harborage
  • Daughter of the Giants
  • Chasing Shadows
  • Castle of the Worm
  • The Tharn Speaks
  • Halls of Torment
  • Valley of the Blades
  • Shadow of Sancre Tor
  • Council of the Five Companions
  • God of Schemes

Quests de Aldmeri Dominion

Artigo principal: Quests de Aldmeri Dominion
Nome Região Localidade Nível Empregador Recompensa GoldIcon Pontos de Habilidade
Dark Knowledge Khenarthi's Roost Southwest of Khenarthi's Roost 2 Cartirinique Inducer's Scalpel 56
Ensuring Security Auridon Vulkhel Guard Docks 5 Captain Astanya 116
New in Town Auridon Vulkhel Guard Docks Malareth Collector's Coinblade 23
To Mathiisen Auridon West of Tanzelwil Wayshrine 9 Battlereeve Urcelmo 30
To Tanzelwil Auridon Vulkhel Guard 6 Queen Ayrenn 24
Rites of the Queen Auridon West of Tanzelwil Wayshrine 8 Queen Ayrenn Eaglehammer Longbow 114 1
Tears of the Two Moons Khenarthi's Roost West of the Temple of Mourning Springs 2 Gathwen Mourning Bow 112
Moon-Sugar Medicament Khenarthi's Roost North of Laughing Moons Plantation 2 Note inside pirate's camp Hazak's Hauberk 70
Cast Adrift Khenarthi's Roost Shattered Shoals 2 Sargeant Firion Broadhead Shield 112
Unaccounted Crew Auridon Vulkhel Guard 6 Captain Erronfaire Sailor's Hatchet 85
A Pinch of Sugar Khenarthi's Roost Laughing Moons Plantation 2 Juranda-ra Ratsplatter 85
The Family Business Khenarthi's Roost Speckled Shell Plantation 2 Azbi-ra Sugar Jacket 106
The Perils of Diplomacy Khenarthi's Roost Mistral 4 Razum-dar Queen's Own Cuirass 186
Storm on the Horizon Khenarthi's Roost Eagle's Strand Razum-dar Gold Fleet Beacon 106
In the Name of the Queen Auridon Southwest of Tanzelwil Wayshrine 8 Prince Naemon 114
Corruption Stones Auridon Tanzelwil 8 Priestess Langwe Monastic Slippers 114
The Toothmaul Ploy Auridon Toothmaul Gully 9 Pirondil Battered Bear-Trap 152
Well-Armed Savages Auridon Toothmaul Gully 9 Jilan-dar 152
Putting the Pieces Together Auridon Mathiisen 9 Razum-dar 152
Silent Village Auridon Shattered Grove 10 Halino 130
The Village Awakens Auridon Shattered Grove 10 Binder's Robe 130
Sinsailen Rescue Silsailen 6 Watchman Cirdur 98
Repentent Son Del's Claim; Mathiesen 7 Bloody Journal (Inside Del's Claim) Heritance Gauntlets 53
Real Marines Silsailen (Follows Sinsailen Rescue) 6 Hanilan 93
Teldur's End Silsailen (Follows Real Marines) 6 Elenwen Traitor's Flame 93
One of the Undaunted 12 146
Plague of Phaer Phaer 7 Anganirne 106
The First Patient Phaer (After Plague of Phaer) 7 Velatosse Plaguetender's Staff 212

Missões da aliança Daggerfall

Artigo principal: Missões da Aliança Daggerfall

Veja Missões de Stros M'Kai para todas as missões de Stros M'Kai.

Nome Região Lugar Nível Doador da missão Prêmio GoldIcon Pontos de habilidades
Ash and Reprieve Glenumbra Delevyn's Mill 6 Wyress Helene 93
Back-Alley Murders Glenumbra Daggerfall 5 Beggar Matthew 42
Blood and the Crescent Moon Glenumbra Daggerfall 5 Giblets 73
Bloodthorn Assassins Glenumbra Daggerfall 4 Sasana at-Abbas
Carzog's Demise Betnikh 3 Nicolene Tazgol's Ancestral Axe 146
Buried Secrets Stros M'Kai (Online) Neramo Neramo's Staff 106
Swine Thief Glenumbra Daggerfall 4 Swineherd Wickton Swine-Herder's Britches 42
The Bloodthorn Plot Betnikh Betnikh Docks 4 Gruluk gro-Khazun 85
Turning off the Trees Glenumbra Delevyn Mill 5 Wyress Helene Wyress Sash 93
The Wyrd Tree's Roots Glenumbra Near Deleyn's Mill 5 Wyress Jehanne Wyress Mantle 93
The Wyrd Sisters Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 5 Wyress Helene 24
Seeking the Guardians Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 5 Wyress Ileana 53
Champions of the Guardians Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 7 Wyress Ileana Guardian's Hammer 106
To the Wyrd Tree Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 7 Guardian of the Water 26
Reclaiming the Elements Glenumbra Wyrd Tree 8 Wyress Gwen Guardian's Gauntlets 114
Farlivere's Gambit Glenumbra 8 Daggerfall Guard
Disorganized Crime Glenumbra Red Rook Camp 8 Lord Arcady Noellaume Daggerfall Guard Tabard 114
Lady Eloise's Lockbox Glenumbra Red Rook Camp 8 Lady Eloise Noellaume Noellaume Family Heirloom 57
Sphere Assembly Stros M'Kai Corpse Rulorn's Silken Garb 85
Tarnish the Crown Stros M'Kai Gugnir Goblinslayer Chausses 42
The Broken Spearhead Stros M'Kai Lerisa, Jakarn or Neramo 56
Tip of the Spearhead Stros M'Kai 5 Lambur Gallant Chain 146
Goblin Marq Stros M'Kai 2 Grubby Grunyun 28
Grubby Grunyun Stros M'Kai
Izad's Treasure Stros M'Kai Buried Chest 106

Missões do Pacto Ebonheart

Artigo principal: Missões do Pacto Ebonheart

O jogador pode escolher ir à Bleakrock Isle depois de acordar em Tamriel. As missões lá são as melhores para jogadores iniciantes, porque a área é nivelada para jogadores abaixo do nível 8.

Artigo principal: Missões da Bleakrock Isle

A segunda área opcional é Bal Foyen: Missões do Bal Foyen

Nome Região Lugar Nível Doador da missão Prêmio GoldIcon Pontos de habilidade

A Son's Promise


Crow's Wood


Telbaril Oran



Restoring Order Stonefalls Ebonheart 10 Nilthis Redoran Archmage's Robes 130
Breaking the Tide Bal Foyen Davon's Watch Eleven-Skips General Vette's Greatsword 98

The Death of Balreth

Stonefalls Ash Mountain 8 Walks-in-Ash

Dagon Morag

114 1
Decree of the Court Stonefalls Crow's Wood 5 Knave of Rooks Blackfeather Court Whistle 116
Warning Davon's Watch Bal Foyen Davon's Watch Centurion Mobareed 42
Giving for the Greater Good Stonefalls Starved Plain 5 Ix-Utha 46
The Fate of a Friend Stonefalls West of Davon's Watch 9 Shuldrashi
Beginning in Bleakrock Stonefalls Davon's Watch Docks 4 Riurk 85
A Favor Returned Deshaan Mournhold 19 Naryu Virian Naryu's Sniper's Bow 226
Cultural Exchange Deshaan Mournhold 19 Rigurt the Brash Rigurt's Cultural Coif 45
The Maulborn Underground Deshaan House Dres Farmsted 19 Naryu Virian Ordinator Boots 226
The Seal of Three Deshaan Tribunal Temple 21 Almalexia Ordinator Helm 378 1
By Invitation Only Deshaan Mournhold 21 Nosaleeth 189
A Service for the Dead Deshaan 21
School Daze Deshaan Shad Astula 21 Arch-Mage Valeyn

Missões do Mages Guild

Artigo principal: Missões do Mages Guild (Online)
Nome Região Lugar Nível Doador da missão Prêmio GoldIcon Pontos de habilidades
Curinure's Invitation, Nemarc's Invitation, or Rudrasa's Invitation 5 Curinure, Nemarc, or Rudrasa 23
Long Lost Lore 8 Valaste Amulet of Eyevea 228
Simply Misplaced 15 Artifact-Hunter's Band 336
Circle of Cheerful Slaughter 25 Thespian's Ring 408
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent 33 Shalidor Uncle Leo's Choker 470
The Mad God's Bargain 43 Shalidor Folium Discognitum 548 2
The Arch-Mage's Boon 50 Shalidor Eidetic Memory 302

Missões do Fighters Guild

Artigo principal: Missões do Fighters Guild (Online)
Nome Região Lugar Nível Doador da missão Prêmio GoldIcon Pontos de habilidades
Basile's Invitation or Hilan's Invitation 5 Fighters Guild Handbill or Hilan 23
Anchors from the Harbor 8 Sees-All-Colors Anchorstone Amulet 228
The Dangerous Past 15 Dwemerdark Signet 336
The Prismatic Core 25 Courier Forgemaster's Band 408
Proving the Deed 33 Courier Aelif's Shadowband 470
Will of the Council 43 Courier


  • Missões do The Undaunted: One of the Undaunted
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