• Hi. Sometimes there is no need in english links. Just look at the code of infobox. If there is a line

    |имя на английском =  

    (for characters) or

    |английское название =

    (for other articles like locations, items an so on), you can only insert the english name in this line.

    The only exception is articles like Древняя Броня Теней. Look at it: in the introduction (at the top of article) you can see "Ancient Shrouded Armor", and in interwiki links you see the link en:Ancient Shrouded Armor (Armor Piece). The brackets in the intoduction looks not too nice, that's why the |английское название = line has the difference with the link.

    I hope I've expressed my idea clear enough. Otherwise you can always ask me what I've meant :)

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