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DragonScript is a template designed for translating the Dovah language from the latin alphabet to dragon script. It is designed for inline use.


The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. For concatenation, the templates should be placed on the same line, thus without line breaks. Words can be either upper-case, lower-case or mixed. No non-breaking space (NBSP) characters should be used within words. Instead, use _ (underscore) when a NBSP is required.



Parameter Required Explanation
1 yes The word you want transcribed into dragon script in plain text format.
2 no The output size of the individual characters. Default is 16px.


Will result in: F.svgU.svgS.svg16pxR.svgO.svg16pxD.svgAh.svg
Will result in: D.svgO.svgV.svgAh.svg

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