|name = 
|image = 
|weight = 
|value = 
|effects =
|id = }}


|name = Conjurer's Elixer
|image = TESV_Conjurer's_Elixir.png
|weight = 0.5
|value = 284
|effects = [[Conjuration (Skyrim)|Conjuration]] [[Spells (Skyrim)|spells]] last 100% longer for 60 seconds.
|id = 0003EB25}}

Results in:

Artificer (Achievement).png Conjurer's Elixer
0.5 [File:WeightIcon.png
<acronym style="border-bottom:1px dotted #ffffff;cursor:help;" title="The base value is what the value is when not influenced by your skills or perks">Base Value</acronym>:
284 Gold
Conjuration spells last 100% longer for 60 seconds.
FormID: 0003EB25


Parameter Explanation
name The full, in-game title of the potion.
image An image of the potion. Enter only the filename, the rest is handled by the template.
weight Weight of the potion.
value Value of the potion.
effects Effect(s) of the potion.
id The potion's FormID, see Console Commands for further information. For PC use only.
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