A Better Mousetrap is the first quest given to the Hero by Sheogorath in the main questline of the Shivering Isles.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After threatening to jump rope with the Hero's intestines, Sheogorath explains that he wants Xedilian restored. Xedilian, he says, will be used to replace the Gatekeeper, who was killed in the previous quest, Through the Fringe of Madness. Sheogorath also hands over the Manual of Xedilian, which explains the reactivation process and the Attenuator of Judgement, in order to enable the process.

Xedilian is located far southwest of New Sheoth, along Pinnacle Road on the way to the Madgod's Boot. It is inhabited by leveled grummites. Look for door buttons made to look like tiny smiley or frowny faces. Use caution, as some of these buttons are actually traps.

Focus Crystal pedestal

Inside the fort, grummites will stand guard in most rooms, along with a Grummite Shaman. Kill the shaman and take his staff. Attached to the top of it is the first Focus Crystal. In a room nearby is a circular pedestal. Activating it will take the Focus Crystal out of the inventory and activate Judgment Nexus.

Continue through the fort and find a second Shaman with several grummite. Kill him and use the Focus Crystal to activate the second Judgment Nexus.

Finally enter the Halls of Judgment, the second floor of the dungeon. After completing the third Shaman/Focus Crystal/Judgment Nexus task, continue to a long room with a growth of giant silver crystals at one end. This is the Resonator of Judgment. Activate it.

This will end the current quest and immediately begin the next quest, "Baiting the Trap."

Journal[edit | edit source]

A Better Mousetrap – SE03
ID Journal Entry
5 I should speak to Sheogorath and see if he has any further need of me.
8 I've been given the Manual of Xedilian and a strange device called an Attenuator of Judgment by Sheogorath. I've been directed to proceed to Xedilian, and to return the place to working order. I should either read the Manual or speak to Sheogorath's Chamberlain, Haskill, to familiarize myself with the strange dungeon.
10 I've learned that in order to restore Xedilian, I must activate the Resonator of Judgment. To do so, I will need to find three Focus Crystals and place them each in a Judgment Nexus, which will prepare the Resonator for attunement. I should proceed to Xedilian now and begin my search.
15 I've entered Xedilian. I should now begin locating the Focus Crystals that link the Resonator of Judgment with the rest of the dungeon.
20 I've discovered the first of the three Focus Crystals. It was affixed to the top of a Grummite Shaman's Crystal Staff. I think they are using the crystals as a power source for their weapons. Now that I've removed it from the staff, I should place the Focus Crystal in its Judgment Nexus to continue.
25 I've placed the first Focus Crystal into its Nexus. I can now continue searching for Focus Crystals.
30 I've discovered the second Focus Crystal. I should place it in its Judgment Nexus to continue.
35 I've placed the second Focus Crystal into its Nexus. I can now continue searching for the final Focus Crystal.
40 I've discovered the third and final Focus Crystal. I should place it in its Judgment Nexus to continue.
45 I've placed the third and final Focus Crystal into its Judgment Nexus. The path to the Resonator of Judgment itself is now clear. My next task should be to attune the Resonator by using the Attenuator of Judgment that Sheogorath provided me.
200 The Resonator of Judgment has been attuned.
  • Quest complete

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