A Blocked Door is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.



A problem at the mineEdit

Three days after establishing the mining site, the Nerevarine should speak with Carnius Magius, in Fort Frostmoth, to ask him about their next assignment. He will direct the Nerevarine to Falco Galenus in Raven Rock.

Once in Raven Rock, Falco will inform the Nerevarine that a local Nord, Hroldar the Strange, is blocking the mine entrance and preventing further progress in the development of the Raven Rock settlement. Falco goes on to ask the Hero to negotiate with the trouble-maker.

The strange HroldarEdit

During the conversation with Hroldar, the latter explains that these outlanders are destroying this land, which is sacred to his people, and that nothing will make him budge. After reporting this to Falco, he will order the Nerevarine to best him in a fist fight, no magic or weapons. Falco also asks to not kill Hroldar, if possible.

The fist fightEdit

Note: Depending on the Nerevarine's Hand-to-Hand skill, two dialogue options will appear with Falco, one informing him that they are are not good at fist-fights, the other asking permission to kill him. Killing him or besting him will not affect the quest outcome. At a low level the fight may go on for ever. With a hand-to-hand skill above 50, the fight will only last for a few punches.

After receiving a few hits, Hroldar stops the fight, and admit defeat. He then walks away. The Nerevarine must now speak with Falco, who sends them to Carnius, back in Fort Frostmoth, to receive the reward.


A Blocked Door
Carnius has asked me to check on Falco at the site, since there is apparently some sort of problem.
  • Quest accepted
There is a strange man causing problems at the mining site. Falco has asked me to speak to Hroldar the Strange, and ask him to leave.
I talked to Hroldar the Strange; he won't leave. I should speak to Falco to find out how to handle this.
Falco has given me permission to teach Hroldar the Strange a lesson. I can punch him, but I'm not allowed to use weapons or spells, or hurt him in any other way. Hopefully, he'll get the point.
I beat Hroldar the Strange into submission. He agreed to stop blocking the mine, and leave the colonists alone.
I killed Hroldar the Strange. His body disappeared in a strange flash of light.
Falco rewarded me for getting rid of Hroldar the Strange, and has asked me to inform Carnius that the situation has been resolved.
Falco was upset that I had killed Hroldar the Strange. I need to let Carnius know that work can resume.
Carnius was satisfied that Hroldar the Strange was no longer causing problems at the mining site.
  • Quest complete
Carnius was thrilled to find out that Hroldar the Strange was dead, and thanked me for a job well done.
  • Quest complete

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