A Bounty for Trerayna Dalen is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Mollimo of Cloudrest says that Trerayna Dalen a petty annoyance, but Therana will not let him leave the tower to take care of her. Because of that, he wants the Nerevarine to do it for him.


The quest starts as soon as the player initiates conversation with Mollimo of Cloudrest. He can be found on the way to the upper tower of Tel Branora. He will reveal that Trerayna Dalen is seen as trouble, and he will request her to be killed for a reward.

Trerayna can be found just outside of Tel Branora, accompanied by her five "posse." At first, she will not be hostile, giving the player an advantage. She is however guarded by the posse, so when she is attacked, they will all turn against the player.

When Trerayna is killed, return to Mollimo and he will reward the player with the promised 1000GoldIcon, alongside an increased disposition towards Therana.


A Bounty for Trerayna Dalen - MS_Trerayna_bounty
IDJournal entry
1Mollimo of Cloudrest offers me 1000 gold if I'll kill Trerayna Dalen.
  • Quest accepted
50I killed Trerayna Dalen, and received my payment of 1000 gold from Mollimo of Cloudrest.
  • Quest completed
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