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A Business Proposition is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to Turil
  2. Find Silk
  3. Intimidate Turil
  4. Return silk to Turil or
  5. Return silk to Enthis or
  6. Throw Silk in fire


Enthis Hlan claims that he was attacked by bandits on the road who stole his silk. While the guard are looking for the bandits, they do not believe his claim that Turil Darothren is behind it. Turil can be found in the Riverside Inn. He will claim it was his silk that was stolen, and after being intimidated, he will say that he sent the bandits to take his silk back.

The bandits can be found at Grethel's Vigil. Instead of the full shipment of stolen silk, a small bag of silk and a note from Chanda can be found. The note gives no clue as to whose story is correct.

The Vestige can either give the silk to one of the men, who are both waiting at the inn, or just throw the silk in the inn's fireplace.


  • Silk Velvet Sash
  • 73–302 Gold


  • This quest is similar to "Two Sides of the Coin" and "In My Time of Need." In all three quests, both sides will claim that they are in the right, and that the other is trying to lie to the hero, and in all three cases, there is no clear way to determine the truth.