A Change of Heart is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Federic Seychelle.
  2. Search the manor house.
  3. Search the windmill.
  4. Search the undercroft.
  5. Activate the Daedric portal.
  6. Rescue the family members.
  7. Destroy the Sigil Stone.
  8. Talk to Federic, Dulkhi, and Arlie.





  • If advised to learn to defend the loved ones, Federic says that he will enlist for the Wayrest guard and is sure that Arlie will wait for him. Arlie will be displeased that her opinion on this matter isn't taken into account and reacts by saying, "It's so strange to have Frederic return after all this time only to leave again. But I think I'm done being lonely. Dulkhi has been wonderful to me. It's time I gave her a chance."
  • If said that Arlie needs people she can rely on, Dulkhi will agree ("How could I thought of abandoning her?).

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