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A Child's Tamriel Bestiary is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.



By Shane gro-Orath (Clever, no? Ha ha!)

A is for Alit, a two-legged lizard
With enough underbite to swallow a wizard.

B is for Banekin, a mean Daedric minion
Whose masters are found in the Planes of Oblivion.

C is for Chaurus, big bug of the snow lands
Don't try to pet, or he'll snip off your hands!

D is for Duneripper, of desert so deep
It'll chomp off your legs from below as you sleep.

E is for Eagle, so loved by the Elves
They plaster its image all over themselves.

F is for Faded Wraith, haunting the tomb
Lurking in dark to deliver your doom.

G is for Giant, of Skyrim I've heard
He keeps woolly mammoths, and tends to his herd.

H is for Hoarvor, huge tick of the wood
Who's eager to catch you and drain all your blood!

I is for Imp, an obnoxious pest
Who'll fry you with spells for the sake of a jest.

J is for Jackal, who haunts Bangkorai
With mouth at the right height to nip out your eye.

K is for Kwama, in Morrowind found
They live in bug tunnels far beneath the ground.

L is for Lamia, snake-hag of the wild
Who hopes she might corner a young little child.

M is for Mudcrab, annoyance ubiquitous
Nasty, unpleasant, ugly, iniquitous.

N is for Nix-Hounds, pack-hunting bug
Alchemists render their flesh to make drugs.

O is for Ogre, whose wits are quite dim
But if one should catch you, your prospects are grim.

P is for Pigs, relatives of the Boars
That Wood Elves will ride instead of a horse.

R is for Raven, dark Nocturnal's totem
I hear hers can talk, and then you can quote 'em!

S is for Spriggan, root, bark and bough
It hides in that thicket, it's watching you now!

T is for Thunderbug, vast shocking beetle
Its pincers will get you, or its serrated feet'll.

U is for Undead, necromancy's slaves
Apocalypse comes when they rise from their graves.

V is for Vampire, ready to drill ya
'Cause she's got a case of Porphyric Hem'philia.

W is for Wisp, evil glow-ball that beckons
Don't follow, or you'll be seen no more, I reckons.

X is for Xivilai, Daedric assassin
Who'll pop off your head on a whim as he's passin'.

Y is for Yokudan Warhorse, the Forebear
Knight's mount that he rides off when he goes to warfare.

Z is Zombie, you knew they'd be last
Run, don't be walking; some are quite fast!



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