For other uses, see A Cure for Vampirism.

A Cure for Vampirism is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine.



Once the Nerevarine is a Vampire, they can ask around Vvardenfell for help in finding a cure. Asking members of the Mages guild and sorcerers will help start the quest.



  • Once the quest is completed, they will be cured of their Vampirism, and be unable to contract it again.


A Cure for Vampirism – MS_VampireCure
IDJournal Entry
10I have found a some papers by a Buoyant Armiger, Galur Rithari. In them, he gives hints as to how vampirism may be cured. It suggests that the cure may be obtained with the help of a Daedra Prince, perhaps Molag Bal.
  • Quest accepted
20In Molag Bal's shrine in Bal Ur, I spoke with Derar Hlervu. She has told me that she knows of no cure for vampirism, and that only the Daedra Lord himself will be able to help me.
30I have spoken to Molag Bal through his statue in the shrine at Bal Ur. He tells me that he does not have the cure for my vampirism, but he will get it for me if I do him a favor. His daughter, Molag Grunda, has been consorting with a Frost Atronach named Nomeg Gwai. If I can kill the two of them, returning their souls to a realm where Molag Bal may punish them, Molag Bal will give me the cure. They live now in the cave Dubdilla, south of Vos.
40I have succeeded in killing Molag Grunda and her paramour, Nomeg Gwai.
50I've returned to the Shrine of Molag Bal and spoken with the Daedra Lord. He was pleased with my efforts, and has retrieved the cure from the Daedra Vaermina.
  • Quest completed