A Duke in Exile is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Duke Sebastien of Camlorn has been kidnapped by Bloodthorn cultists. The Lion Guard has come to Aldcroft to take control of the investigation and they may have a location on the whereabouts of the Duke.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Lieutenant Harim
  2. Find Duke Sebastien
  3. Free Duke Sebastien by destroying the crystals
  4. Free second prisoner
  5. Talk to Duke Sebastien
  6. Complete the quest


Chamberlain Weller mentions Duke Sebastien has been kidnapped and asks the Vestige for help. The town watch looked the other way and he was taken by the cultists. At least the Lion Guard have arrived. They speak to Lieutenant Harim for more information, who is near the lighthouse.

Follow the marker to the lighthouse located south of Aldcroft. The area is full with cultists. Either fight them or try and sneak by and find the lieutenant. He is glad for the help as one can't rely on the local town watch. He says the Duke is held in the lighthouse, guarded by the cultists.

Head over to the lighthouse and go upstairs to the roof. There the Duke is trapped in a magical ward by two focus crystals. To free him, destroy the crystals. He mentions he is not the only prisoner, the cultists have another prisoner who is a threat to the Werewolf leader Faolchu and they plan to execute her.

While the Duke returns to Aldcroft, find the second prisoner by following the marker. She is inside one of the cottages nearby and thinks it's the executioner coming. It is Gloria Fausta. Let her know they are there to free her. After talking to her, untie her. Tell her the Duke wants to talk to her but she is eager to go after Faolchu and the cultists. But she agrees to go back to town and talk to him.

Head back to Aldcroft and find the Duke in his hideout. He is waiting with his wife by his side. He has spoken to Gloria and he shares her concerns about everything. They must deal with these werewolves once and for all, and he hopes the Vestige will be involved. He rewards them with a sum of GoldIcon.


  • 18–75 GoldIcon