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"Need you to deliver some false orders to the Imperial Legate in Morthal. But first we need to get our hands on some Imperial orders to make the forgeries."
Galmar Stone-Fist[src]

A False Front is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must recover order from an Imperial Legion courier, have them forged to become misleading, and provide the new false documents to the Legion.


"Galmar Stone-Fist has sent me to intercept the Imperial Courier passing through the area and relieve him of his documents. I am then to return to base camp where I will receive forged documents that I, posing as an enemy courier, will deliver to the enemy commander in Morthal."


  1. Find the Imperial courier
  2. Retrieve the Imperial courier's package
  3. Bring the documents to Galmar Stone-Fist
  4. Bring the forged documents to Legate Taurinus Duilis


Ulfric Stormcloak is pleased with the victory at Fort Sungard and the liberation of the Reach from Imperial hands. With the production of Skyrim's rightful Silver Mines halted and the enemy buried in an avalanche of pain and retribution, Ulfric bestows a new nickname - Snow Hammer - as well as a small token of his appreciation. His next orders are to report to Galmar Stone-Fist at the Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp to initiate the next leg of the "Liberation of Skyrim:"

"Now that the Empire has been driven from the Reach we can put a stop to the raping of her silver mines. That silver belongs in Skyrim. Multitudes of our enemies are buried in an avalanche of pain and retribution delivered by your hands. I shall call you Snow-Hammer now. You show great passion for battle, and compassion for those we fight for. You are becoming indispensable to our cause. We do what we do out of love for our brothers and sisters. Here, take this as a token of such love reciprocated."

What's next? "You're needed in Hjaalmarch. There's much to be done."

What exactly will I be doing out there? "You'll be doing whatever Galmar tells you to do, and causing as much mayhem as possible for the Empire and any Jarl who supports them."
Understood. "Talos guide you." or "Go with the gods." or "For Skyrim!"

Galmar wishes to send false orders to the Legate in Morthal. In order to do this he needs real Imperial Orders to forge. Imperial couriers often stop at the nearby inns at Dragon Bridge and Rorikstead. If an innkeeper can be persuaded to help, the orders can be more easily intercepted:

Reporting for duty. "Need you to deliver some false orders to the Imperial Legate in Morthal. But first we need to get our hands on some Imperial orders to make the forgeries. The inns at Dragon Bridge and Rorikstead are frequent stops for Imperial runners. See if you can't "convince" one of those innkeepers to help you. One way or another, get me those documents. What do you say?"

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "I see. Well, make it quick, or do you have better things to do than fight for the people of Skyrim?"
Consider it done. "Good. Don't die out there." or "We all have faith in you." or "Go with the Nine." or "Don't screw this up." or "That's what I wanted to hear. Good luck out there." or "Good. You've got real fire in you. I like that... Talos guide you." or "Good. And remember - keep the gods, and they'll keep you." or "I knew I could count on you."

Finding the Imperial courier[]

As indicated by Galmar, two inns are possible locations that an Imperial Courier might be located, Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge, and Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead. If Whiterun has been captured by the Stormcloaks, and if the Dragonborn is in the town, the courier will attack the guards there.

Dragon Bridge is the closest location to the camp and ultimately most advantageous to pursue. Speaking with Faida at Dragon Bridge or Mralki at Rorikstead regarding the courier will initially garner little information, as they both respect their patrons' privacy. However, they can be paid, persuaded, or intimidated into revealing that the courier has left and can be caught up with or his return waited for:

Seen any Imperial couriers lately? "I tend to keep my patrons' privacy." (If the courier is in the inn: "He's in the inn. Look around. I'm sure you'll find him.")

His life is in danger. "It is? Well that's different. He was here, but he left. If you leave now, you can probably catch him. Or you can just wait here. He'll be back soon enough." (If the Dragonborn's Speech level is insufficient: "Yeah, sure it is. You don't fool me.")
Maybe some gold will help? "Well, if you insist. He was here... [...]" (If one does not have 520 Gold: "Seems your purse is lighter than you thought.")
I don't have time for this. I can get rough with you if I have to. "Now, now! That won't be necessary. He was here... [...]"
Never mind. "Hmph."

Note: they will say, "He was here, but he left... [...]," as well as a unique response depending on the reply chosen by the Dragonborn, for any answer chosen. If asked, "Seen any Imperial couriers lately?" again after the information has been given, they will only repeat where he is.

Or, if the courier is found still at the inn, he can simply be pickpocketed for the order while he is at the bar.

Retrieving the courier's package[]

Starting from Rorikstead is less desirable, as the courier is running from Rorikstead to Dragon Bridge and is halfway in between once his location is learned. A fast steed would be necessary to catch up with him before he reaches his destination. Alternatively, he can simply be met en route when starting from Dragon Bridge. Waiting for him in the inn is also undesirable, as demanding the documents will ultimately end up in "hostile negotiations" and a 1000 gold bounty for murder will be incurred; plus however much while fighting off the guards. If spoken to at either of the inns, the following conversation will occur:

"Can't stop to chat, citizen."

I'm not here to talk. I'm here for those documents. "Is that so?" Never mind. "Hmph."

If the first option is chosen, he will then pull out his sword and attack the Dragonborn. If killed, a bounty of 1000 Gold will be obtained.

Meeting the courier on the road and fighting him in seclusion is ideal, as it allows for stealing his armor, as well. If meeting him outside Dragon Bridge, the Dragonborn may find him in combat with a dragon. Pickpocketing the documents at any time is another possible way to continue the quest. If a bounty is not wanted without having to pickpocket, they can ask the Courier for the package. Of course, he will not hand it over and, instead, will fight. This will trigger the Dragonborn's follower, who will then attack him and most likely kill him. They can then loot it from his corpse bounty-free. One can also intimidate him in Rorikstead in which he attacks you and the guards attack the courier since the guards are now Stormcloaks.

Forging the documents[]

After returning to Galmar with the Imperial Documents, he notices that they contain more information about Stormcloak movements than he had originally anticipated, but the Imperial Fort Snowhawk is in need of reinforcements. He quickly alters the document in favor of the Stormcloaks and orders it delivered to Legate Taurinus Duilis in Morthal:

"Good work! Let's see what you got. Hmm... They know more of our plans than they thought... Not good... Oh, what's this? Fort Snowhawk is in need of reinforcements... We'll make sure they won't be getting those... Give me a moment while a make a few, um, "corrections" to these reports... There we go. Make sure those forged documents get to the Legate in Morthal. They should give them the wrong idea... and give us the advantage." Remind me - what am I supposed to do? "Make sure those forged documents get to the Legate in Morthal. They should give them the wrong idea... and give us the advantage."

The Legate

Delivering the forged documents[]

The Legate will be waiting in his quarters in Highmoon Hall. Approaching him in appropriate garb will aid in the deception, but regardless, the Legate will be satisfied with the forgery. With the "new" information in hand he will make the necessary provisions and indicate that the Moorside Inn would be a nice place to get a drink for a job well done. Instead, return to Galmar with news of success. Taurinus' response to the Dragonborn will differ depending on what armor they are wearing:

I have important documents for you, sir. "Is that so? Lost your uniform along the way did you, soldier?"

Ditched it for this. Easier to sneak past the enemy. "I suppose it would be. Good thinking. Thank you soldier. Let's take a look at these reports... I'm waiting on word about reinforcements for the fort... Good, they're on the way. And we have some information on enemy troop movements. Excellent. Stormcloaks are making it difficult to move around. It's good you made it here in one piece. Why don't you have yourself a drink at the Moorside before you head back?"

Or, if the Dragonborn is wearing Imperial Armor, he will not doubt that they are indeed the courier:

I have important documents for you, sir. "Thank you soldier. Let's take a look at these reports... [...]"


A False Front – CWMission03
ID Journal Entry
10 Galmar Stone-Fist has sent me to intercept the Imperial Courier passing through the area and relieve him of his documents. I am then to return to base camp where I will receive forged documents that I, posing as an enemy courier, will deliver to the enemy commander in Morthal.
  • Objective 10: Find the Imperial Courier
  • Objective 20: Retrieve the Imperial Courier's package
  • Objective 20: Retrieve the Imperial Courier's package
  • Objective 30: Bring the documents to Galmar Stone-Fist
  • Objective 40: Bring the forged documents to Legate Taurinus Duilis
  • Quest complete
200 I have successfully intercepted Imperial Courier and turned in false documents to the enemy commander in Morthal
  • Quest completed
  • Quest failed


This section contains bugs related to A False Front (Stormcloaks). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
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  •  PS3   When trying to activate the quest Galmar will be leaning on the map table and does not give the "Reporting in" dialogue option. If this occurs waiting for him to take his hands off the table before speaking with him makes its appear. Instead of waiting for him a strong Unrelenting Force shout will push him to the ground and off the table, block him so he does not go back and initiate a conversation. Save before doing this as it may be necessary to shout him far away from the table multiple times in a certain direction and he will eventually become hostile.
  • Sometimes, Galmar does not have the dialogue needed to start the quest. Attack him to get a bounty in Eastmarch, then go to Windhelm, talk to a guard and pay off your bounty. When you get return, Galmar should be willing to give you the mission.
  • When waiting for the courier at the inn in Rorikstead, the courier will awaken and stand up on the wrong side of the bed facing the wall when the player goes to get the documents from him. He will proceed through the wall, causing him to drop down into the twisting nether never to be seen again.
  • Save your game inside the room where the courier sleeps and stand on the bed, before interacting with the courier. Then wait 1 hour each time until the courier is in the room. He will be standing next to the bed facing the same wall he falls through. At this point it is a simple point and click to talk to the courier.
  • Use the auto-save when arriving at Rorikstead and use the Slow Time shout to get into the courier's room as he is getting up from his bed. Then pickpocket the documents.
  • When returning the documents to Galmar Stone-Fist, he attacks upon approaching but will not die if the player fights back.
  • Sometimes the sentence needed to start this quest does not appear in Galmar's dialogue. If you are on the PC, open up console and setstage cwmission03 10 and the quest should start.
  • Galmar might double the Dragonborn's pay.
  • After he has fallen through the floor, upon exiting the inn it is possible to find the courier being attacked by a Stormcloak guard directly outside. Let the guard kill him, and simply loot his body for the document. It is never specified why the guard attacks the courier.
  •  PS3   If you approach Legate Taurinus Duilis to deliver the documents while you currently have a bounty in Hjaalmarch, you cannot open conversation with him. He will simply repeat "Wait... I know you," when you interact with him until your bounty is paid off.
  • You can completely bypass this quest if you you have it active but while in a truce from "Season Unending" and then do the Companions quest "Purity of Revenge."