Not to be confused with A Friend in Mead, A Friend In Need, or A Friend in Need.

A Friend in Deed is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Alusaron requests the Nerevarine steal a contract from Ralen Tilvur, which is located behind a locked door, downstairs in Ralen's private quarters.


  1. Speak to Alusaron to receive the quest.
  2. Steal the Weapons and Armor Contract from Ralen Tilvur.
  3. Return to Alusaron for the reward.





A Friend in Deed – EB_Deed
IDJournal Entry
10I've heard rumors that Alusaron, a smith in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec, has been losing a lot of business, and his nearest competitor recently got a big contract.
15Alusaron has been having some problems of late with his shop. He has been losing a good deal of business to Ralen Tilvur, a competing smith in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec.
20Alusaron has heard that Tilvur has recently received a contract for a large weapons shipment. He would like me to steal this contract, with the hopes that Tilvur will be unable to fulfill his order. In the meantime, Alusaron will be prepared to fulfill the order on time.
30I've agreed to steal the contract from Tilvur's shop. Alusaron figures he has it locked away in his private quarters, but does not believe it will be well guarded.
  • Quest accepted
40I have told Alusaron I will not steal the contract from Ralen Tilvur.
  • Quest failed
50I returned to Alusaron's shop with the contract he asked me to steal for him. He was happy with my performance, and has rewarded me with an axe he has crafted.
  • Quest completed

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