A Hunter's Offer is a Vampiric Clan quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent is offered the chance to cure their vampirism by a famed vampire hunter, although doing so will result in the Agent betraying their bloodline.

Alternatively, the Agent can ignore the Hunter's Offer, although they will be harassed by knights for the next few weeks.


Having contracted vampirism and been recognised as a member of one of the Iliac Bay's nine vampiric clans, the Agent will be contacted to complete quests at the behest of their fellow bloodline members, through a system of letters.


  • Take delivery of a letter and read it.
  • Journey to the town specified in the letter.
    • (Either) Speak with the bloodline vampire mentioned in the letter.
    • (Or) Show the letter to the bloodline vampire (fails the quest).
  • Journey to the town specified by the bloodline vampire
    • Speak to the second vampire.
  • Journey to the dungeon mentioned by the second vampire.
    • Track down and kill the Bloodfather before the time limit expires.


Some point after contracting vampirism, the Agent will find 'an unfamiliar object in [their] pack' a letter that has been addressed to them. The letter is revealed to be a warning from a 'renowned vampire hunter', who threatens to slay the Agent unless they cure their vampirism. To do so, the hunter states that the Agent must kill their '"Bloodfather"', an action that will 'rid [the region] of a cancer at its heart.'

However, the Hunter does not know either whom nor where the Agent's Bloodfather can be found, although they do have a lead. Indeed, the Hunter's letter notes that one of their 'sources' knows of 'one high in [the Agent's bloodline] who should have this information'. With that, the Agent faces a choice: Ignore the letter, allow the time limit expire, and be harassed by vampire hunters; or seek out the bloodline vampire mentioned in the letter.

An Understandable Urge

Should the Agent choose to seek out the vampire mentioned by the Hunter, they will have to find them in the town identified in the letter. Upon speaking with the vampire, however, the Agent will be offered a choice: Either show them the Hunter's letter; or, ask about their Bloodfather.

An Advanced Warning

Showing the vampire the letter will result in the following response:

"You have done well to bring this to me, [Agent's name]. [Hunter's name] has been the bane of [Bloodline] for years. With this advance warning, we can save the lives of many of our kinfolk. Do not underestimate the danger you are in, [Agent's first name]. [Hunter's name] is ruthless and competent, and [his/her] spies are everywhere. [He/She] would make an excellent addition to [Bloodline] -- perhaps [he/she] will yet. Be that as it may, [he/she] knows your name, and do not doubt that [he/she] will attempt to make good on [his/her] threat. May the night keep you safe."
―A bloodline vampire[src]

With that, the Agent has no choice but to let the time limit expire and face the Hunter's hoards.

A Privileged Youth

Instead, the Agent may choose not to show the bloodline vampire the letter, in which case the vampire will reveal that knowing the name of a Bloodfather is 'a privilege not usually granted to one of your youth'. However, while the vampire does not know precisely whom the Agent's Bloodfather is, they are willing to acquiesce to the Agent's 'urge'. They offer the names of two potential "Elders" and their lairs, although they recommend instead speak with the 'Keeper of the Bloodline', residing in another town.

The Keeper's Knowledge

The Agent is again faced with a choice, either go and slay the two Elders, or meet with the Keeper of the Bloodline. Should the Agent chose to meet with the Keeper, they must head to the town mentioned by the bloodline vampire within three days, taking a bracelet handed to them by the bloodline vampire as a show of good faith. Upon meeting the Keeper and showing them the bracelet the Agent will be told:

"Hmph. You are very young to be entrusted with such information. However, since you carry [Bloodline vampire's name]'s token, I will reveal to you where your bloodfather, [Bloodfather's name], resides. You will find him in his lair in [second dungeon]. Be aware that at this time of year, the elders do not like to be disturbed by anyone. Intrude upon [Bloodfather's name]'s solitude at your peril"
―The Keeper of the Bloodline[src]

With that, the Agent should head off to find, and fight, their Bloodfather.

Time Ticks On

However, if the time limit to meet with the Keeper expires, the Agent will be faced with a new challenge. Indeed, failing to meet the Keeper will result in the Agent being hunted by their fellow vampires by night. When struck, one of the vampires stalking the Agent will shout:

"Bloodtraitor! We have learned of your treachery. You will never find [Bloodfather's name], although your days as one of [Bloodline] are about to end, do not worry. [Hunter's name] will not need to hunt you down."
―A Hunting Vampire[src]

With that the Agent either has to sit out the rest of the quest, and face the Hunter's hoards, or guess which of the two Elders is their Bloodfather and slay them.

A Purifying Patricide

Having either been given the precise dungeon location, or simply decided to kill both Elders, the Agent must head into the Bloodfather's lair, which will always be the second dungeon identified by the Bloodline vampire. Once inside, the Agent will find a vampire ancient, who reveals themselves as the Bloodfather when struck by stating:

"[Agent's name], your blood calls to me. Why do you strike your own father? [Bloodline] punishes patricide with death. Do not force me to carry out this sentence myself. Flee, my child!"
―The Bloodfather[src]

The Agent must then kill their Bloodfather, whose death will result in the Agent's vampirism being instantly cured. Indeed, this will be indicated by both a notification, and the Agent's portrait being restored to its pre-vampiric state.

An "Innocent" Elder

Should the Agent guess incorrectly, or decided to take out both Elders, then they must head to the first dungeon listed by the Bloodline vampire, containing another vampire ancient. This ancient, however, will not be remotely receptive to the Agent, uttering when struck:

"Stripling, do not disturb my mediations [sic]! Begone, or my hunger will force me to slay you!"
―An Innocent Elder[src]

The Elder's death will result in a huge penalty to the Agent's reputation with their bloodline, but will not lift the curse of vampirism from them.


The Agent will not receive any kind of reward for completing the quest through the curing of their vampirism, although they will suffer some major reputation penalties with their former Clan. In contrast simply ignoring, and therefore effectively failing the quest, will see no changes to the Agent's reputation

The changes in reputation, based on how far the Agent takes their hunt of cure, are outlined below:

Reputation Losses with the Agent's Bloodline
Action Reputation
Asking about the Bloodfather -15
Slay the Elder Vampire -15
Slay the Bloodfather -20


A Hunter's Offer — $curevam
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

The vampire hunter [Hunter's name] has sent me a letter vowing to hunt me down unless I cure myself of vampirism by killing my bloodfather. [Hunter's name] does not know who or where my bloodfather is, but [he/she] suggested that [Bloodline vampire's name] of [first town] might know. I have [x] days before the vampire hunt begins.

  • Quest accepted
1 [Date]:

[Bloodline vampire's name] believes that my bloodfather lives either in [first dungeon] or [second dungeon], but advised that I take [his/her] bracelet to [Keeper's name] of [second building], [second town], who can tell me for sure where to find him.

2 [Date]:

[Keeper's name] told me that my bloodfather's name is [Bloodfather's name], and that he lives in [second dungeon].


  • This quest is only available if the Agent has contracted Vampirism.
  • There is another quest that allows the Agent to cure their Vampirism: See A Very Sacred Formula.
  • Characters have a variety of remarks to make about the quest during its activation:
    • Acceptance: "[Hunter's name] is leading a new crusade against vampires through [Region] soon. Maybe then we'll be able to walk the streets at night again without fear."
    • Completion: "[Hunter's name] and [his/her] men killed a lot of vampires in [Region], but I doubt they got them all." or "[Hunter's name] should have left well enough alone. [His/Her] crusades just send the vampires into hiding, and when [he/she] leaves, they come back stronger than ever."
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