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A Lesson in Silence is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood.


Recent lectures in Kvatch by the Grand Sermonizer of Akatosh and her priests paint the Dark Brotherhood as powerless pretenders not to be feared. Astara wants the Grand Sermonizer dealt with—permanently.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to Astara Caerellius
  2. Find Tanek in Kvatch
  3. Kill three Akatosh Sermonizers
    • (Optional) Eliminate two more
  4. Find the Grand Sermonizer
  5. Chase her down and kill her
  6. Talk to Astara back at the Sanctuary
  7. Check in on Tanek




  • 73–302 Gold
  • 1 skill point
  • Unidentified Sithis' Touch Foot Armor box
  • 20 Dark Brotherhood reputation