A Little Panikosa is a Daedric Prince quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent is sent to destroy a traitorous daedra seducer whom has betrayed her master Malacath, Prince of the Ostracised.

Background[edit | edit source]

In their pursuit of more power to aid their quest, the Agent may seek the power of the Daedric Princes. On the 8th of Frostfall the Prince of the Ostracised Malacath may be summoned, if the Agent agrees to pay a summoner of either a Witch Coven, Mages Guild, or a Temple.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Successfully summon Malacath, Prince of the Ostracised, on the 8th of Frostfall.
    1. Speak with Malacath and accept the Prince's quest.
  2. Journey to and enter the dungeon mentioned by Malacath.
    1. Track down and destroy the daedra seducer identified by Malacath.
    2. (Optional) Loot the note from the seducer's corpse.
  3. (Optional) Journey to the town mentioned in the seducer's note.
    1. Hand the note over to the noble ruling in the town.
  4. Journey to the town mentioned by Malacath.
    1. Find and speak with Malacath's apostle before the time limit expires.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Agent may approach a summoner at either the Mages Guild, a Temple, or a Witch Coven to summon one of the Daedric Princes. If the summoning occurs on the 8th of Frostfall, the Agent may receive a vision of Malacath, whom immediately offers them a quest. Indeed, Malacath will offer to make the Agent "strong and beautiful," if they accept the terms of their "gift."

The Treacherous Seducer[edit | edit source]

Accepting Malacath's offer will reveal that "a little panikosa" or daedra seducer has betrayed him, and must be destroyed. This seducer has hidden herself in a dungeon to escape the Prince's attentions, but this should not cost the Agent too much time. Indeed, Malacath sets a hard deadline for the Agent to complete the quest and speak with their apostle in a regional palace to receive their reward, Malacath's "prized" Volendrung.

With that the Agent must head to the dungeon mentioned by Malacath and track down the seducer. There may be several other seducers roaming the halls of the dungeon, so the Agent will have to keep slaying the dungeon's inhabitants until they receive this notification:

"[Daedra Seducer's name] is dead."

With that, the Agent is free to head to the town mentioned by Malacath and meet with the Prince's apostle before the time limit expires to complete the quest. However, the Agent may find a note on the seducer's corpse, which adds an extra line of intrigue into the machinations of Malacath.

(Optional) A Noble Informant[edit | edit source]

The note the Agent may find on the seducer's corpse will reveal that the former seducer was involved in a successful plot to assassinate a noble. To investigate this matter the Agent must head to the palace in the town mentioned in the note and speak with the local ruler. This ruler is investigating the murder, and will gladly take the note stating:

"[Oath]! [Apostle's name) was behind [Victim's name]'s death? And involved in a daedra plot as well? We may never have solved this murder without your help, [Agent's name]. Your loyalty to the [region ruler's title] will not be forgotten."

However, despite effectively turning in Malacath's apostle, the Agent will still be able to meet with them and receive their reward. Furthermore, the Agent will receive a bonus to their reputation within the region for turning in the apostle, as well as the standard boosts for completing a Daedric Prince's quest successfully.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing the quest successfully within the time limit will see the Agent rewarded with Volendrung by the Prince's apostle. The Agent will also receive a boost in reputation with the faction whom summoned the Prince for them, as well as the faction's associates. There will also be a regional boost in reputation if the Agent turns in the note to the noble.

Conversely, failing the quest will result in the Agent losing reputation with the summoner's faction.

The changes made to reputation, either by successfully completing or failing the quest are shown below:

Faction Reputation
Summoning Faction +5
Associates +2

Further reputation bonuses are applied if the Agent also hands in the note to the local ruling noble:

A Noble Informant
Faction Reputation
Region +15
Regional Court +7
Peasants +7
Faction Reputation
Summoning Faction -2
Associates -1

Journal[edit | edit source]

A Little Panikosa — 80c0xy00
ID Journal Entry
0 [Date]:

I summoned the Daedra Prince Malacath who has offered the Volendrung in exchange for the death of [Daedra Seducer's name], a daedra seducer formerly affiliated with him. The seducer has sought refuge in a place called [dungeon]. If I can kill [Daedra Seducer's name] and get to the Palace of [town] within [x] days, a [Apostle's description] named [Apostle's name] will give me the Volendrung.

  • Quest accepted

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When asked for any news, NPCs have a variety of comments to make referencing the quest:
    • Acceptance: "[Victim's name] was found dead, right in [his/her] palace in [Palace town]." or "Most daedra seducers have a mission. The one in [dungeon] is just waiting."
    • Success: "I hear that seducer was murdered by her master's agents for falling in love." or "Made me nervous -- that seducer just sitting in that hole, waiting for something."
    • Failure: "I'm still thinking about that woman's laughter I heard coming from the sky." or "Don't know where, but a lot of people saw her flying around some nights ago."
    • Malacath's apostle: "[Apostle's name] is a noble, rumored to have had a secret romance with a dark lady." or "[Apostle's name] is a noble with a lot of secret allegiances."
    • Volendrung: "The Volendrung is a war hammer of great power, able to sap the strength of its victims."
  • NPCs will also make remarks on the optional elements of the quest:
    • The Ruling Noble: "[Noble's name] is leading the investigation into [Victim's name]'s death, but so far has no leads." or "[Noble's name] is investigating [Victim's name]'s death at the Palace of [Palace town]." or "[Noble's name] is trying to find out who was responsible for [Victim's name]'s death, but [he/she]'ll never get to the bottom of it." or "[Noble's name] was sent to track down [Victim's name]'s killer, but has nothing to go on."
    • Assassination victim: "[Victim's name]'s death is still a mystery. [Noble's name] is leading the investigation, but so far has no leads." or "I'm sure [Victim's name] was killed because of [his/her] investigation of corruption in [region]." or "[Victim's name] was investigating a plot to overthrow [region ruler's title] [region ruler's name] when [he/she] was "mysteriously" killed. [Noble's name] is trying to find out who was responsible, but [he/she]'ll never get to the bottom of it." or "[Victim's name] was found dead in the Palace of [Palace town], and all [his/her] notes on [his/her] investigation into high-level treason were stolen. [Noble's name] was sent to track down the killer, but [he/she] has nothing to go on."

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  •  PC   The reputation bonus from turning in the seducer's note may be applied to another region.

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