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A Lucky Coin is an optional side quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Note: Wulf will only be present in the Ghostgate during the main quest "The Citadels of the Sixth House."


Prerequisite: Having been named Hortator and Nerevarine, and having spoken to Vivec, the Nerevarine must go through the Ghostgate to journey to the Dagoth Ur's citadelle at the heart of Red Mountain, during the quest "The Citadels of the Sixth House."

Inside the Tower of Dusk, an old man by the name of Wulf will give the Nerevarine his lucky coin before disappearing.

The Mystery of WulfEdit

Asking around the Ghostgate will reveal that the Nerevarine that no one else has noticed Wulf, or any Imperial presence. The coin itself reveals little about the mysterious old man, although the Nerevarine is granted a new power by the coin, the Luck of the Emperor.

The Nerevarine can speak to Lalatia Varian in Ebonheart about the incident. She will reveal that Wulf was an aspect of Tiber Septim, one of the Nine Divines. She will also explain in more detail about the incident. After the Nerevarine has spoken to Varian, local rumors will begin to spread about the encounter.



A Lucky Coin – IC30_Imperial_veteran
IDJournal Entry
1At Ghostgate I met an old Imperial veteran. He asked me to take an old lucky coin with me when I go to Dagoth Ur, and I agreed. He gave me the coin, an old worn Imperial drake, and hoped it would bring me luck. It is strange - but I have a feeling - I know this encounter has marked my fate and fortune. [You have gained a new Power: Luck of the Emperor.]
  • Quest accepted
10I told the Oracle about my encounter with the old Imperial veteran, the lucky coin he gave me, and the mark of good fortune -- the luck of the Emperor -- I have felt ever since. The Oracle thinks I have been visited by an aspect of Tiber Septim. She takes this as a sign of a great doom laid upon me by the gods.
  • Quest Complete


  • The name of the power granted to the Nerevarine by the coin, Luck of the Emperor is a hint to the true identity of Wulf.
  • The Lucky Coin does not need to be in the Nerevarine's inventory for the Luck of the Emperor power to be used.
  • Wulf can only be encountered during the quest "The Citadels of the Sixth House."
    • He will disappear forever at the end of the quest (regardless of whether the Nerevarine has spoken to him or not).
    • Killing Wulf has no ill effects, although his only inventory item of note is a significant amount of moon sugar.

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