A Man and His Guar is a miscellaneous quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.





The initial reward for the quest is 200 GoldIcon, but if his guar dies along the way, Teris will pay the player 100 instead.


A Man and His Guar – MV_RichTrader
IDJournal Entry
10I ran into a trader, Teris Raledran, while traveling near Seyda Neen. He is trying to get a shipment of clothing to Agrippina Herennia in Vivec. He would like me to escort him and his pack guar, Rollie, and ensure their safety on the way.
20I've agreed to escort Teris Raledran, and Rollie the Guar, to Vivec. In return, he has agreed to pay me 100 septims for my time.
  • Quest accepted
25I've decided to escort neither Teris Raledran nor his guar to Vivec. This man is unstable at best. And the guar is no better.
  • Quest Failed
80We've gotten near Vivec, and Teris has told me that the Rollie isn't allowed to enter the city proper. He'll have to wait outside while we continue on.
90I've arrived at Agrippina Herrenia's shop in Vivec with Teris Raledran.
100As promised, Teris has paid me 200 septims. Rollie had little to say to me on the matter.
  • Quest Complete
105Teris has paid me 100 septims for escorting him to Vivec. Although he promised me 200, I really only got half my job done, as Rollie did not make it. Perhaps he can use the rest of the money to create a memorial to his friend, Rollie the Guar.
  • Quest Complete
110While on our way to Vivec, Teris Raledran met his end. It was sad to see the end of the eccentric trader, and I'm sure Rollie feels the pain of his death.
  • Quest Failed
120On the way to Vivec, Rollie the guar met an unfortunate end. It was sad to see the big animal die, and I'm sure Teris will never be the same.

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