A Melodic Mistake is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It is given by Manore Mobaner, who wants to solve the problem in the Gnisis Egg Mine. He wanted a Redoran group to solve it, but they never appeared.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Foreman Lathdar
  2. Investigate the Disturbance in the Mine
  3. Delve Deeper into the Mine
  4. Locate the Source of the Sound
  5. Find a Way past the Dwarven Barrier
  6. Find the Source of the Sound
  7. Talk to Revus Demnevanni
  8. Fix the Dwarven Resonator
  9. Talk to Revus
  10. Talk to Foreman Lathdar

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You receive the quest from Manore Mobaner, who originally wanted House Redoran to fix it, but they aren't appearing. Manore tells you that there's something not quite right in the Egg-Mine, and you are to speak to Foreman Lathdar for more information on the matter. Speak to Lathdar, and he will be glad that you want to help out, and will send you into the Mine. He will also tell you that there is a Song that is being played, but is very wrong. You head into the Mine to find Alcorana and Gauldur Berard. Alcorana will be surrounded by the strange song, and she will ask you to fix the song. When you find Gauldur, he will tell you that a Meddler has messed with the song. after delving deeper, you find that the Kwama Queen has been butchered by it's own children, due to the song. After talking to Destaine Stegine, you must locate the source of this imperfect song, and delve even deeper to find a Dwarven Ruin. You must activate a Tonal Focus and use the Dwarven Tonal Prism to take down a barrier that stops you from advancing. You will reach the Dwarven Sanctum, where the tinkerer Revus Demnevanni is located. He suggests that he is trying to fix the imperfect song, but cannot get the correct combination. After speaking to him, fix the Dwarven Resonator. After this, Revus will thank you, and ask you to apologize to the Foreman on his behalf. After speaking to the Foreman outside, he will reward you and the quest will come to a halt.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • Kwama-Cutter
  • 73–302 Gold
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