A Plot Revealed is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Hero must travel to Bruma and find out what has happened to the Mages Guild in the city.


Hannibal Traven is concerned. He has not heard from Jeanne Frasoric for a few days, and fears for her safety. He asks the Hero to travel to Bruma to check in with the Mages Guild there.


Head to Bruma's Mages Guild. Upon entering, one will notice that the room is covered in flames and damaged. Fight through the undead that are scattered about the place. There are at least three Faded Wraiths on the main floor, and many more in the basement.

They may be difficult to kill, as they tend to swarm and cast Silence and Burden spells. Having a weapon enchanted with fire damage helps. After killing all of the wraiths, go back up to the top floor.

A Plot Revealed Jeanne'sBedroom

Jeanne and Camilla dead

Upon arriving in front of Jeanne Frasoric's bedroom, a necromancer named Camilla Lollia appears. She speaks about Mannimarco and tells the Hero she was the one who killed Jeanne. She will then turn hostile and attack. Once she is killed, J'skar announces himself in the corner. As the sole survivor of the slaughter, he reveals that Mannimarco has returned.

Head back to the University and inform Traven of the news. Raminus Polus promotes the Hero to the Wizard rank and teaches them the spell Wizard's Fury.


A Plot Revealed – MG14Plot
IDJournal Entry
  • Update: After accepting the quest from Traven:

Hannibal Traven wants me to check in with Jeanne Frasoric at the Bruma Mages Guild. I should go there immediately.

  • Update: Upon entering the Bruma Mages Guild:

I have arrived at the Bruma Mages Guild. It appears to have been attacked; I should look for survivors.

  • Update: After finding Selenia dead:

I have found Selenia Orania. She is dead. I should look for other survivors.

  • Update: After finding Volanaro dead:

I have found Volanaro, who was killed. I should look for other survivors.

  • Update: After finding Jeanne dead:

Jeanne Frasoric is dead. I should look for other survivors.

  • Update: After fighting through and killing Camilla Lollia:

J'skar is the only survivor of the slaughter at the Mages Guild Hall in Bruma. He's given me information about the King of Worms. Hannibal Traven should be told immediately; I should return to Imperial City.

  • Update: After giving the information to Traven:

I've told Hannibal Traven what J'skar saw at the Bruma Mages Guild hall.

  • Quest complete


  • Conjuration users should purchase "Summon Dremora Lord" spell from Volanaro at the Bruma Guild before taking this quest. He is the only vendor in the game that sells a spell with this effect.
  • With a high enough Acrobatics skill, it is possible to jump over the burning bookshelf west of the guild entrance, leading almost directly to the necromancer. This will help avoid the guild's basement.
  • During battle, guards in Bruma can help defeat enemies if they are lured outside. However, this may cause J'skar's dialogue to malfunction, at which point it must be triggered manually.

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