A Prison of Sleep is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Bandits set fires in the fields to distract the Spirit Wardens. While the Wardens were outside fighting the fires, the thieves stole a priceless relic: the Dream Shard.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Frizwyr
  2. Drink Dreamstride Potion
  3. Talk to Durak
  4. Get Durak's Key
  5. Talk to Durak
  6. Wake from the dream
  7. Talk to Durak


Master Altien requests the Vestige to help recover Abbot Durak from the dream state cast upon him in the attack. The healer, Brother Frizwyr, knows more. Frizwyr reveals that the Spirit Wardens cannot dream, as a protection from the Supernal Dreamers. The only person in the Abbey that can help the Abbot is the vestige. Frizwyr has a dreamstride potion available that will allow the vestige to enter the Abbot's dream.

The vestige willl appear in the dream version of Pariah Abbey and will notice the Abbot near the entrance. When getting close, a scene will play out with Count Hosni at-Tura and Lady Adima. Approach and speak with the Abbot. The dream is about betrayal. The Abbot is bound in chains needing a key to set him free. One of the spirit Midnight Union bandits outside the Abbey should have it. As they are only dream images, no one will be hurt when they are killed to recover the key.

The bandits are bunched in groups of two or three, start the killing until one of them drops a key. Return to the Abbot with the key and he will "unlock" the two dreamers from his chains.

Upon awaking, the Abbot reveals that there is an Omen of Betrayal loose in Stormhaven, King Emeric must be warned. Further, the attack on the Abbey was a distraction so that the dreamshard could be stolen. The dreamshard is the way the Wardens have been able to brew potions that keep the nobles in High Rock from dreaming. Without the potions, everyone will be subject to attack from the Supernal Dreamers. Even though the Midnight Union needs to be looked into, the highest priority is to warn the King.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon

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