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A Ransom for Miranda is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Serge Arcole says the Midnight Union is holding his wife, Miranda, for ransom. He wants the Vestige to collect some items and bring them to him so he can bargain from a position of strength.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Collect Large Ruby
  2. Collect Large Sapphire
  3. Collect Puffball Caps
  4. Talk to Serge Arcole at Boathouse
  5. Complete quest


When meeting Serge Arcole outside the settlement of Farangel's Landing, he claims his wife has been kidnapped and he can't pay the ransom. He had gone to Wayrest to buy a gift and when he returned, the estate was overrun. It's his wife's family that have money, not him. He needs a carrot to tempt them and a stick to threaten them. He asks the Vestige to collect some hidden jewels in the houses, and a puffball caps from a crate on the docks. When collected they are to meet him by the boathouse. He also recommends stealing clothing from a dead bandit to disguise themselves.

After finding a disguise on a dead bandit or in a rugsack, proceed going through the houses around the settlement to find and collect the jewels and the puffball cap. Beware of the smugglers that are present everywhere.

After all items are collected proceed down to the docks and talk to Serge hiding by the boathouse. He's please to hear the Vestige have collected the items and that they are still alive. Now he has the jewels for ransom and the caps for a sleeping potion. He hands the Vestige some gold as a reward and adds that there is more to come if they continue to help him.


  • 18–75 Gold


  • This is the first quest out of two in the "Farangel's Landing objective."