A Rat Problem is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This quest is the first of the Fighters Guild quests in Anvil.


The Guild has been asked by one of the locals, Arvena Thelas, to take care of a rat problem in her basement. The Guild believes the work is to clear out the rats; however, the Hero will instead be defending them.


The Hero will talk to Arvena about her rat problem. Her house is located to the left when exiting the guildhall, just behind Morvayn's Peacemakers. Once there, she will reveal that the rats (whom she calls her "babies") are not her problem, but rather whatever is killing them. In her cellar, there is a starving mountain lion killing the rats, which got into the house through a hole in the wall.

Once the lion is dead, Arvena will send the Hero to Pinarus Inventius, a hunter. Pinarus will mention that it is odd for lions to be in this area, and will lead the Hero outside of the city to find and kill all the mountain lions near the city. After a brief search he will find a group of the lions. Once they are dead the Hero will return to Arvena again, who will berate them and say there is a second lion in the basement attacking her rats.

A Rat Problem Quill-Weave

Quill-Weave leaving meat

After killing the second lion, Arvena reveals that she thinks that her neighbor, the Argonian named Quill-Weave, who never liked her or her rats, is responsible for leading the mountain lions to her basement. Waiting behind Arvena's house or following Quill-Weave will prove that she is placing raw meat near the hole into Arvena's basement.

Confronting Quill-Weave with proof will cause her to confess. She says she never wanted to harm Arvena, she just wanted the rats to come out of the cellar so the guards would take care of them. She will ask that the Hero not tell anybody, and that she will reward them in return.

Telling Arvena the truth will cause her to be overjoyed and she will teach the hero one point of Speechcraft skill for free. Otherwise, Quill-Weave will increase Acrobatics skill for by one point if her secret is kept. Either way, Azzan will be happy to see the matter fixed.


A Rat Problem – FGC01Rats
IDJournal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Azzan has told me of a contract in Anvil with Arvena Thelas. I should speak to her about a problem with rats in her basement.

  • Update: After speaking to Arvena Thelas:

Arvena Thelas has rats in her basement, but they're not the problem. She loves the rats, but she's been finding them dead. She would like me to go down and investigate what's been happening.

  • Update: When looking in Arvena's basement for clues:

I've killed a mountain lion in Arvena Thelas' basement. They must be sneaking in through a hole in the wall somewhere. I should tell Arvena what has happened.

  • Update: After speaking to Arvena again:

Arvena Thelas was glad to know what was killing her rats, but she still doesn't feel safe. She'd like me to speak with Pinarus Inventius about hunting down mountain lions in the area.

  • Update: Upon talking to Pinarus:

Pinarus has agreed to look for mountain lions with me. If we find them, we'll kill them, and make Arvena feel safer.

  • Update: After the Mountain Lion hunting expedition:

We've killed all the mountain lions Pinarus believes are in the area. I should return to Arvena Thelas.

  • Update: After speaking to Arvena once more:

I've told Arvena about the mountain lions, but she doesn't believe her problem is solved, as there's a mountain lion in her basement now. I'll have to kill it.

  • Update: After killing said mountain lion:

I've killed the second mountain lion in Arvena Thelas' basement. I should tell Arvena.

  • Update: Upon returning to Arvena and discussing the matter:

Arvena now believes that her neighbor, Quill-Weave, might be responsible. Arvena has seen her sneaking around outside the house at night. I should watch Quill-Weave and see what she's doing. I should not let Quill-Weave see me, though, least she get suspicious.

  • Update: After successfully entering Quill-Weave's house:

I've seen Quill-Weave has plenty of meat and starving mountain lions caged in her house. She obviously has been releasing them at Arvena's house. I should go confront Quill-Weave.

  • Update: After confronting Quill-Weave:

I've confronted Quill-Weave, and she has admitted to trying to kill off Arvena's rats. She has promised to stop, and has asked me not to tell Arvena what she's done.

  • Update: If you decide to tell Arvena Thelas about Quill-Weave instead of keeping it a secret:

I've told Arvena Thelas what Quill-Weave has been doing. She thanked me for my help, and has paid me for the contract. She's also taught me a bit about Speechcraft.

  • Quest complete
  • Update: If you decide to keep it a secret:

I've told Arvena Thelas that the problem has been solved, and she has paid me for the contract. I should see Quill-Weave and tell her I've protected her secret.

  • Update: If you decide to keep it a secret, and tell Quill-Weave after doing so:

Quill-Weave thanked me for protecting her secret, and has trained me in Acrobatics for free.

  • Quest complete
  • Update: If all the rats die:

All of the rats in Arvena Thelas' basement are dead. I've failed my contract.

  • Quest complete


  • If all the rats in the basement die, the quest fails.
  • Quill-Weave has meat and the starving mountain lions inside her house.
  • This is a reference to a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Exterminator, where the Nerevarine has to kill some rats in the home of a Dunmer named Drarayne Thelas, with the same last name as Arvena.
  • Make sure not to pickpocket all the meat from Quill-Weave.
  • The rats can be effectively used for block/armor leveling, just punch/stab (whatever does not kill) each one to make them attack.
  • The Hero will get a slight increase in Fame no matter if they tell Arvena the truth or not.
  • Sometimes, when starting this part of the quest, the red marker is in Chorrol; the reason being is that Quill-Weave is visiting her friend Casta Scribonia. Either follow her all the way back to Anvil, or wait for her to return.


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  • When the Hero goes to talk to Arvena in the beginning, she may be sitting on the ring around the garden. But she may also be sitting in the air where they cannot talk to her. Leave and enter a building, and come back until she is normal.
  • Sometimes Quill-Weave will not go straight to the back of the house to place the meat. Instead she will walk around the town and surrounding yards for several hours.

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