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*Location: {{Missing|Online}}, [[Deshaan]]
*Location: {{Missing|Online}}, [[Deshaan]]
*Author: [[Magistrix Vox]]
*Author: [[Magistrix Vox]]
*Collection: Plots and Schemes
To the Honorable [[Tidyn Arthalen]],
To the Honorable [[Tidyn Arthalen]],

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  • Location: [?], Deshaan
  • Author: Magistrix Vox
  • Collection: Plots and Schemes


To the Honorable Tidyn Arthalen,

I want to first thank you for your service on the council that sat in judgment of my son. I will never forget your continued support of Meram and your insistence that death was too harsh a punishment for the crimes leveled against him.

A great moment is coming, Sera Arthalen. The Tribunal has abused its authority. Almalexia has set herself up as our dictator. This is surely obvious to anyone with a clear heart and sharp mind. Her crimes cannot be allowed to continue. When the moment comes, I hope I can continue to rely on your support. Your support, and that of your priesthood and township, Selfora.

Yours in mourning,
Magistrix Vox


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