A Show of Power is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Investigate Bamz-Amschend" or "Helseth's Champion." It begins the final phase of the main quest line. Once the Nerevarine has investigated Bamz-Amschend, and become Helseth's Champion, they are tasked by the Lady Almalexia to demonstrate her power to an anti-Tribunal cult.



Eno Romari

Eno Romari

Having become the Champion of King Helseth, and witnessed the battle under Bamz-Amschend, the Nerevarine is instructed by Fedris Hler to speak with the Lady Almalexia. Almalexia, when spoken to, speaks of her concern about the "End of Times Cult" which has emerged in Mournhold, and its potential threat to the Tribunal and the people of Mournhold. She therefore orders that the Nerevarine speak to Meralyn Othan to find the Cult's leader. However, with its members being murdered all over Mournhold, Almalexia requests that Romari not be killed for fear of becoming a martyr.

End Times or "Enlightenment"Edit

The Nerevarine may speak with Meralyn Othan, she can be found, outside, on the eastern side of the Great Bazaar, at the top of the steps. She reveals that her brother, Sevil Othan, was among those Cult members murdered with an unusual poison. She also suggests that the Cult have a suicidal approach to their cause, and that their leader Romari can be found in Godsreach, possibly frequenting the Winged Guar.

The leader of the cult, Romari, is found outside the tavern in Godsreach, and is also open about his leadership of the Cult, as well as their "cleansing" ritual, committing suicide through taking poison. He also states his belief that this is an enlightenment group, and that their cause is founded in the fact that the Tribunal is dying. The Nerevarine must then report this information to Almalexia.


High Chapel - Tribunal


Back at the Mournhold Temple Almalexia becomes enraged that Romari is so open about his belief, and demands that the weather device, Karstanghz-Beharn, be activated within Bamz-Amschend. The device, according to Almalexia, is capable of generating ashstorms over Mournhold, which she believes will serve as a demonstration of her power. The Nerevarine must therefore enter the ruins under Mournhold once again, and power up the device, using the Powered Dwemer Coherer she gives them.

Back to Bamz-AmschendEdit

Using the hole under the broken statue in Plaza Brindisi Dorom, the Nerevarine enters Bamz-Amschend, and into the Hearthfire Hall. From here, the Nerevarine must head to Radac's Forge within the ruin to pick up two important tools for the quest. Within the Forge is a locked door, which can be opened with a key found in the remains of a Dwemer creature in a nearby room, then the Nerevarine must retrieve two Dwemer Satchel Packs, required to advance through the rest of the ruin.

The Nerevarine will come across a pile of rocks that can be interacted with at some point in the Forge, obscuring an area named the Passge of the Walker. Placing one of the Satchels in the rocks, the Nerevarine must run a fair distance away from the rocks before the Satchel explodes, revealing the path. Following the Passage of the Walker will lead the Nerevarine to the next area.

Breaking the skiesEdit

The Nerevarine should emerge in the Skybreak Gallery, with a platform in the centre with three protruding levers. Attempting to pull the levers does little, the Nerevarine needs to place the Powered Dwemer Coherer, given to them by Almalexia, into a junction box within the room. Returning to the levers, the Nerevarine must pull the levers until ashstorms strike Mournhold, which is reported by a Journal entry. Now, the Nerevarine may return to Almalexia.

The Nerevarine will witness the effect of the ashstorms on Mournhold as they approach the Temple, with a general sense of fear coming from those spoken to. Almalexia will, however, respond gladly to the events, and send the Nerevarine on their next errand: The Missing Hand.


A Show of Power – TR_ShowPower
ID Journal Entries
10I have spoken with Almalexia about a cult that has formed in Mournhold under the direction of a dunmer named Eno Romari. They are called the End of Times, and Almalexia is troubled by them.
  • Quest accepted
20Apparently, members of the End of Times cult have been found dead throughout the city.
30The cult's followers all seem to have been poisoned, but it is not known by whom. Almelexia wishes me to find out more about this group and their leader. I should speak with Meralyn Othan in the Great Bazaar. Her brother was one of the dead cultists. Almalexia has also warned me to take care with Eno Romari, and not make him a martyr for his cause.
40I've spoken to Meralyn Othan. She is visibly upset about the death of her brother, who she says was a sort of a lost soul.
50Meralyn Othan tells me that the End of Times is a suicide cult. I should be able to find their members, and perhaps Eno Romari, in Godsreach, near the Winged Guar.
55I've spoken to Eno Romari about his End of Times cult. They believe the power of the Tribunal is faltering, and that a new and frightening age is coming to all of Tamriel.
60Eno Romari has told me more about his End of Time group. He tells me that many of his followers perform a ritual called the Cleansing, which is a form of ritual suicide. I should report this information to Almalexia immediately.
70I have reported my findings on the End of Time and Eno Romari to Almalexia. She was furious, and wishes for me to help her show this group that she is still a powerful goddess.
80Alamalexia would like to demonstrate her power by creating ashstorms throughout the city of Mournhold. Her powers, however, have been expended by caring for her people after the attack on the city. She would like me to travel to Bamz-Amschend and activate the Karstangz-Bcharn, an ancient Dwemer creation said to be able to control the weather.
90I have found the Karstangz-Bcharn, and I was able to activate it. From deep within these ruins, it will be difficult to tell what effect it has had on the city above.
95If I understand the Dwemer symbols on the Karstangz-Bcharn, I believe the machine is now causing ashstorms in Mournhold.
100Almalexia is pleased with the ashstorms created by the Karstangz-Bcharn. The city of Mournhold is strangled by the harsh weather. The decorative trees lining the city streets are dying, and the people are frightened. I can only hope the goddess does not allow this to go on for long.
  • Quest complete


  • Geon Auline's quest "Estate Sale" cannot be completed until the conclusion of "The Mad God" once the ashstorms have started.
  • Bamz-Amschend contains eight ares, they do not all have to be visited to complete the quest.
    • The Nerevarine must hold onto the second Dwemer Satchel Pack they find as it is required for the later quest, "The Blade of Nerevar."


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  • Bloodmoon can affect the files of the Tribunal questline, preventing the rocks from being moved.
  • NPCs state that Othan is to the west of the Great Bazaar, not the east.

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