A Smuggler's Last Stand is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It is given by Nakhul outside of Khartag Point. The Vestige has to save the slaves, along with Khartag, from the Camonna Tong.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter Khartag Point
  2. Find Mabkir
  3. Find Jaree-Eeto
  4. Find Wih-Waska
  5. Find Khartag
  6. Talk to Nakhul


Nakhul, an Orc slave-smuggler, gives a quest to save the slaves that were attacked and kept captive inside Khartag Point by the Camonna Tong, who wanted in the slave-smuggling business, but were denied, and became overly aggressive. The Vestige must enter Khartag Point and find Mabkir, Jaree-Eeto, Wih-Waska and Khartag himself. Mabkir will be found dead, and near him will lay a Blood-Soaked Letter. Jaree-Eeto will be cornered by a group of Camonna Tong, which the Vestige can kill and save Jaree-Eeto, who would have cut his own wrist and commited suicide. Wih-Waska will be at the end of the Delve, and she can be saved normally by talking to her. Khartag will be found around the middle of the delve, guarded by Avrusa Duleri, the leader of the Camonna Tong group in the area. Kill her, and speak to Khartag, who has been poisoned and will die after conversation with him has met its end. Now, exit the Delve and speak to Nakhul to end the quest.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon
  • Chain-Breaker Gauntlets


  • The Camonna Tong have taken over a slave-smugglers business, and are keeping them captive due to them disagreeing to allow them to participate. The Vestige can help take back the slave-smuggler business.

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