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A Star is Born is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. The Nerevarine may help a theater troupe, which is a missing an actor, finish their play.


  1. Talk to Meryn Othralas
  2. Help replace Tarvus Beleth
  3. Review script
  4. Talk to Meryn Othralas again
  5. Walk onto the rug on the stage
  6. Recite the lines
  7. Kill the assassin
  8. Talk to Meryn Othralas to complete the quest


In the Great Bazaar of Mournhold, there is an amphitheater, spactators gathered around and a troupe of actors, backstage, stands Meryn Othralas. After talking to him, he will complain that one of the actors who plays the role of Clavides, Tarvus Beleth, has disappeared. He thinks the Nerevarine looks like him and gives the Nerevarine a script of the play, The Horror of Castle Xyr and gives them two minutes to read it and remember it. Only Clavides lines up to "As, I hear, are all Telvanni" need to be remembered. Once the few lines are memorized, the Hero should talk to Meryn Othralas again and walk through the stage door and stand on to the rug. Then go through the play with the other actress:

  • "Good evening, is your master home?"
  • "Possibly. Would you mind if I came in?"
  • "No thank you. Whats your name?"
  • "Anara, when did your master leave Scath Anud?"
  • "Do you know an Ashlanders by the name of Sul-Kharifa?"
  • "He's dead, his last words were 'Castle' and 'Xyr'."
  • "Could I look in your master's library?"
  • "As, I hear, are all Telvanni."

After the last line, the Nerevarine will be attacked by an assassin in the crowd. After defeating him, the Nerevarine must talk to Meryn Othralas again. He will say that the actor playing Clavides had a Dark Brotherhood contract on him, and the Hero was used as a decoy in his place. Now the Nerevarine is given a reward based on how well they did.


  • 2000 Gold, but for every mistake 200 Gold is subtracted.
  • 100 Gold, if 9 mistakes are made.
  • Amulet of Verbosity if fewer than 3 mistakes are made.
  • A Daedric Wakizashi can be looted from the assassin's body


A Star is Born – MS_Performers
ID Journal Entry
10 I have agreed to take over the lead part of Clavides in the Mournhold Players' production of "The Horror of Castle Xyr." I have been provided with a copy of the script, and have a mere two minutes to memorize my lines before I have to report to Meryn for the play.
  • Quest accepted
20 I did not return to Meryn in time. He will undoubtedly be upset with me.
30 I have returned to Meryn, ready to perform my role in the play.
50 I have successfully defended myself from an assassin who assaulted me in the middle of my performance! The play obviously cannot go on. Perhaps I should speak with Meryn about what just happened.
100 Meryn Othralas wanted me to perform with the Mournhold Players, but I turned him down. I never was that much of an actor.
  • Quest complete
120 Meryn Othralas explained that I was used as a decoy for the assassin to protect their lead actor. I am not happy about this treatment, but Meryn did reward me, commensurate with my performance.
  • Quest complete
150 I agreed to star in the Mournhold Player's production of "The Horror of Castle Xyr," but changed my mind at the last minute and walked off right as the play was starting. I'm sure Meryn will not be happy.
  • Quest complete
160 Meryn Othralas says Gureryne Selvilo, the leading lady, is dead, so there won't be any play today.
  • Quest complete


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