Not to be confused with A Tangled Net.

A Tangled Knot is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige must assist Sumiril in reading his book and finding out the true origin and purpose of his race.


A stone being named Sumiril carries a book that contains a story about how he came to be.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Read Sumiril's Boook
  2. Follow Words
  3. Repeat Process
  4. Talk to Sumiril


At the entrance to the Labyrinth, the Vestige is greeted by a Hollow named Sumiril who will ask the Vestige whether or not they can read. The Vestige finds the question a bit odd, but confirms it. They learn that Sumiril is not like the other Hollow, that he can "question his existence, to believe or not to believe." He says that he has a book which contains information about the Hollow and how they came to be. The Vestige agrees to read the book for him, but the book has only the first passage. To find other passages, the Vestige has to enter deeper into the Labyrinth.

A tangled knot2

The floating symbols appearing in the Labyrinth.

To the left, glowing floating symbols will appear which the Vestige has to follow. In the end, they will find a pedestal like structure which, upon touching it, will reveal the next passage and will transport the Vestige further into the Labyrinth.

The process has to be repeated five more times afterward, then the story will be complete. After talking to Sumiril and letting him know what the Vestige has learned, he will be left with even more questions than before. Nonetheless, he will thank the Vestige for what they have done.


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