A Temple Informant is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Speak to the People." Having investigated the rumors surrounding the death of the former King, the Nerevarine is to judge to mood of the members of the Mournhold Temple.



Now that the Nerevarine has investigated the rumours concerning the death of King Llethan, Tienius Delitian wants the Nerevarine to judge to mood of the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold and whether Helseth is generally supported within the Temple, or whether there is a plan to remove him.

Temple SuspicionsEdit

The Nerevarine must go to the Mournhold Temple and ask the members about "Discontent in the Temple." The majority of people within will have the same answer, until the Nerevarine enters the Infirmary. Inside, the Nerevarine will find Galsa Andrano, who will speak freely to the Nerevarine if they mention "Mehra Milo and the Dissident Priests." She will reveal a general (and personal) dislike of Helseth, and suggests that Almalexia will attempt to remove him.

The Nerevarine must return to Delitian with this information to complete the quest.


A Temple Informant - TR06_Temple
ID Journal Entry
1Tienius Delitian, Helseth's Captain of the Guards, says there are rumors of discontent in the Temple. He wants me to go to Almalexia's Temple, look for someone discontented, listen sympathetically, and find out whether the Temple is willing to accept King Helseth -- or whether the Temple plans to act against him.
  • Quest accepted
50Galsa Andrano, a healer at Almalexia's Temple, is the sort of Temple informant Tienius Delitian is looking for. She says that if Helseth seeks in earnest to be king, then Almalexia and the Temple are sworn to destroy him.
100I told Tienius Delitian that I spoke with Galsa Andrano, a healer at Almalexia's Temple. From her I learned that Almalexia and the Temple are sworn to destroy King Helseth if he seeks in earnest to be king. Tienius Delitian seemed well-satisfied with my handling of the matter.
  • Quest complete


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