"His honor remains. Leave me. Go."
Shagrum gra-Dumba, upon Captain Wardush's death.[src]

A Token Trophy is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Captain Wardush
  2. Kill Captain Helenus
  3. Take Helenus' Helm
  4. Return to Captain Wardush
  5. Speak with Shagrum gra-Dumba


Near Old Tower, at a small encampment an Orc by the name of Captain Wardush can be found. Upon speaking to him, he elaborates that the ruins of Old Tower were lost to the Imperial Legion and that he got wounded in the fight. He tasks the Vestige with retrieving the Helm of Captain Helenus.

Captain Helenus can be found just in front of the border wall between High Rock and Hammerfell at Old Tower. There is a road leading directly to her. Upon killing her, take her helm and return to the camp.

Upon arrival at the camp, Captain Wardush will have died and one of his sister-wives will reward the Vestige for completing his dying wish with some gold, and allows them to keep the Legion Captain's helm.


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