A Woman Scorned is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Kjolver, near Brodir Grove asks the Nerevarine to kill Erna the Quiet, the mistress of her husband Brandr.

If the quest is accepted, the Nerevarine heads over to the house of Erna. Nobody is home, but Erna's Note to Brandr leads the Nerevarine to the Isild River where she can be found together with Brandr.

The quest is completed when Erna's ring has been returned to Kjolver.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Northwest of Brodir Grove, you will find a cave called Kjolver's Dwelling. Inside, you will find a Nord woman named Kjolver. Upon speaking to her, she will ask for your help on a rather dark matter. Her husband, Brandr, has been cheating on her with Erna the Quiet, who lives in Skaal village. Kjolver wants you to kill Erna and present her ring as proof of the deed.

Head to Skaal village and enter Erna's house. You will find that she is not home. Search the house and you will find a note saying she is waiting for Brandr on the banks of the Isild River. Take the note, as well as anything else you want from her house.

Erna can be found alongside Brandr on the banks of the Isild River, to the north of Lake Fjalding. Kill Erna and take the ring from her body. Note that the moment you engage combat with Erna, Brandr will also become hostile. Killing him is possible, but not necessary.

Return to Kjolver to get a reward of 1000 Gold.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
A woman named Kjolver wants me to kill her husband's mistress, Erna the Quiet. Apparently, Kjolver has had enough of her husband's infidelity and is willing to take drastic measures.
If refused: I refused Kjolver's request that I murder her husband's mistress, Erna the Quiet. I don't want a stranger's blood on my hands.
I've accepted Kjolver's offer to kill her husband's mistress, Erna the Quiet. Erna has a house in the Skaal Village, and I can probably find her there. Once the deed is done, I'm to bring Erna's ring back to Kjolver as proof and collect my payment.
Erna the Quiet wasn't at her house, but I found a note indicating she was taking a walk down by the river. The note was left for Brandr. I can only hope he hasn't already seen it. Eliminating Erna will be much easier without her lover's interference....
If Brandr is killed: Brandr is dead. I was supposed to kill Erna the Quiet, but Brandr got in the way, so I had no choice but to dispatch him. I'd best not tell Kjolver about this.
Erna the Quiet is dead. I've fulfilled my part of the bargain with Kjolver. All that's left is to return Erna's ring to Kjolver as proof of the deed, and collect my payment.
Erna's ring has been delivered to Kjolver as proof of the execution, and I've been well compensated for my efforts.
  • Quest complete
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