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The Abandoned Mine was a rundown and abandoned Imperial mine that was located in the Nibenay Basin northeast of Lake Canulus.


After its abandonment by its Imperial owners sometime prior to the Oblivion Crisis, the Abandoned Mine became the home of a group of bandits who raided the surrounding countryside. Noted for its abundance of rich veins of gold and silver, the Abandoned Mine was located near the city of Bravil, and had, presumably, been formerly owned by the Count of Bravil.

Plant lifeEdit

The shade provided by the outcropping that allowed entrance to the Abandoned Mine provided many plants, including Foxglove, Green Stain Cup, Monkshood, Motherwort Sprig, and Summer Bolete, with right amount of soil needed for them to successfully and abundantly grow around the mine. Mudcrabs, dogs, and rats were some of the creatures that made the Abandoned Mine their home after its abandonment by Bravil.



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