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"South of Hammerfell, west of Cyrodiil, north of Valenwood, and northeast of Summerset is that pocket of the Eltheric Ocean called the Abecean Sea. It bustles with trade, merchant ships—and pirates. "
―Abecean Sea Loading Screen[src]

The Abecean Sea is a unique location in The Elder Scrolls Online. It can only be accessed during Pelidil's End, where a navy battle between the Aldmeri Dominion and the cooperating Sea Vipers and Veiled Heritance takes place. It is surrounded by multiple islands, none of which can be traveled to without being killed by Slaughterfish.


Pelidil's EndEdit

Ensign Monwe wakes up the Vestige, telling them a battle between the Sea Vipers is occurring. After getting to the top of the ship which Captain Jimila is steering, Monwe is quickly killed in action. Sea Vipers will be boarding the ship, attacking anyone on them. Some mages and warriors will help the Vestige fight them off, while archers will shoot at the Sea Vipers' ship. The Vipers will summon Sea Serpents to aid them in battle, which will attack ship. Once they are killed, a portal will open up to travel to the enemy ship. After travelling to it, some Sea Vipers will be stationed there. Vicereeve Pelidil is at the end, and upon defeating him the Vestige must travel back to their own ship.





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