Not to be confused with Aubk'i.
"A bed you seek? There is one here for you, if you have the 10 gold to rent it."

Abhuki quote

Abhuki is a Khajiit, and the keeper of the Faregyl Inn and a Journeyman Alteration trainer. She will rent a bed for 10 GoldIcon a night.

She can also help with the Master Alteration Training Quest, because she is an advanced Alteration trainer. After reaching Level 70 in Alteration, she will point to Tooth-in-the-Sea for further training.


Alteration TrainingEdit

To complete the quest, the Hero must breathe underwater for six minutes, or three hours in game time.


  • Abhuki is assigned ownership over many doors and beds in most of the inns across Cyrodiil. This is to stop characters from using those beds and doors. Abhuki may have been "given" those beds by the programmers since her name would be the first name if all the characters' names in Oblivion were put in alphabetical order.


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