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The Barony of Abibon-Gora is a coastal region on the southwest corner of the Iliac Bay, in western Hammerfell. It is bordered to the east by Kairou and the Alik'r Desert. Julianos is the regional patron deity, and the dominant vampire clan is the Selenu family. The regional capital is Abibon-Gora City, for which the barony is named. Abibon-Gora is protected by the Knights of the Wheel.

The people of Abibon-Gora celebrate a holiday called Drigh R'Zimb on the 1st of Mid Year. The holiday is actually a festival held in honor of the sun. It has been suggested that the holiday might be a direct translation of older Redguard festivals, from the time when Redguards still lived in Yokuda.

After the Warp in the West, the whole region of Abibon-Bora became part of the Kingdom of Sentinel.[1]





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