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Abilities are a feature in in The Elder Scrolls: Blades that can be used by all fighting entities, including dragons, spiders, the Fugitive, and all other creatures. Different creatures will have different animations or ways they move while performing certain ones. Ability ranks can be boosted by equipping rings with enchantments.

Effects[edit | edit source]

A character can perform an ability using stamina. These usually do physical damage and another feature, like avoiding damage, healing the user, impairing enemy abilities (or speeding up one's own), or even increasing magicka with a special battle dodge move. Those that do physical damage will use a melee weapon or require the use of a shield.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Power Attack Dodging Strike
Shield Bash Skullcrusher Adrenaline Dodge Quick Strikes
Harrying Bash Guardbreaker Focusing Dodge Piercing Strikes
Staggering Bash Indomitable Smash Renewing Dodge Venom Strikes
Reflecting Bash Reckless Fury Recovery Strikes

The above table displays spells top-down—the game may display it bottom-up—while also matching the prerequisites. All abilities, Perks, and Skills in Blades require only one skill to unlock the next, even if they are connected by two. They are only connected vertically in this table.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Early-game enemies generally use abilities somewhat randomly, but late-game ones act more intelligently, saving abilities to counter certain spells even after a long chain. They can switch between abilities based on the behavior of the Fugitive. Many enemies will commonly use an ability to resist or escape a stun or paralyzing effect, so a series of complimentary unblocked combo hits cannot be administered without proper payment.

Not only do abilities vary by enemy, but how cleverly enemies use them varies; an undead will not be nearly as annoying as a more sentient goblin, which might save a strike for an ice spike attack from the Fugitive. When countering enemy counters, their variability increases drastically, requiring careful attention and responsiveness to overcome.

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