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Abyssal Geysers are group challenges seen throughout Summerset where you must face several creatures endemic to Summerset. These challenges work similarly to Dark Anchors. They are activated by the Acolyte of Bedlam placing the Abyssal Pearl in the central geyser. After defeating a general a Shell Trove appears.

List of GeysersEdit




K'Tora yells when summons the generals or Greater Yaghra Monstrosity:

  • "I summon Churog of the Abyss to blind you with her light!"
  • "Darkstorm the Alluring, drown these worms!"
  • "Allow me to introduce Reefhammer, the bane of Ul'vor Kus!"
  • "I summon Ruella Many-Claws from the deep spawning pools!"
  • "K'Tora summons Vsskalvor to protect this geyser!"
  • "Sheefar, bane of sailors, K'Tora calls you forth!"
  • "Girawell, K'Tora orders you into the fray!"
  • "Muustikar, K'Tora has need of you, Wave-Eater!"
  • "Feel the power of Eejoba the Radiant!"
  • "Tidewrack will break you in half!"
  • "Summerset will soon be back beneath the waves!"

And after their defeat:

  • "When next we meet, things will be different."
  • "I'd be impressed, but this battle holds no significance."
  • "You only delay the inevitable. The island will sink beneath the waves."
  • "You can't hold back the sea with a sword, worm."
  • "You plugged one leak, but three more shall take its place."
  • "My army will never halt its march, land-dweller."
  • "Next time will be different, worms."
  • "Destroy one pearl while a hundred wait across the island."
  • "The best thing about yaghra? We have many, many more."
  • "You have meddled in our affairs for the last time."
  • "Perhaps you only think you won, dirt-crawler."

After progressing through the Summerset main quest Nocturnal replaces K'Tora. She yells when summons the generals or the Greater Yaghra Monstrosity:

  • "Nothing can stand against the power of Vsskalvor!"
  • "Eejoba take your will, mortal fools!"
  • "Mortals make the perfect hosts for the eggs of Ruella Many-Claws."
  • "Let us see how you fare against Girawell the Erratic."
  • "Reefhammer, destroy these fools!"
  • "Muustikar, Nocturnal has need of you, Wave-Eater!"
  • "Let's see how you deal with Darkstorm's charms."
  • "I summon Tidewrack to end this."
  • "Sheefar, bane of sailors, Nocturnal calls you forth!"
  • "From the depths' darkness, Churug arises!"
  • "Feel the anger of the darkness enraged!"

And after their defeat:

  • [?]


  • The amount of waves depends on the amount of players defeating the geyser hordes.
  • If there is only one player defeating the geyser hordes, a Greater Yaghra Monstrosity appears instead of a general.


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