The Mind Trap Abyssal Pearl Close-Up

The Abyssal Pearl found during "The Mind Trap."

Not to be confused with Alchemical Globule.

Abyssal Pearls are mysterious orbs of energy found in several locations in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. They are known to be used to summon Yaghra.


The Mind TrapEdit

In order to escape the mind trap, Oriandra instructs the Vestige to destroy the Abyssal Pearl present in the image of the Ceporah Tower they find in the realm.

The Queen's DecreeEdit

The Vestige finds an Abyssal Pearl sitting on Aldarch Tilcalar's desk in the Monastery of Serene Harmony. A second pearl can be found in the Undercroft Great Hall within the Monastery Undercroft, where it can be found draining the life force of several newcomers to the island. They must defend Valsirenn from Yaghra attacks while she deals with the pearl. Later, another pearl is found by the Earl of Clavicus Vile in the Coral Forest, and must be destroyed.

Pearls Before TraitorsEdit

A group of Dominion soldiers was supposed to deliver the Abyssal Pearl to the College of Sapiarchs for research but one of their own betrayed them and got away with the Pearl.



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