"Patience. The body needs time to mend."
―Acolyte Jenssen[src]


Acolyte Jenssen is a Nord priest residing at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. He is typically found in or around the temple all day. He is typically found standing over the bed of the Sickly Farmer performing healing spells, hammering the walls of the temple, or standing idly within it.


Hired ThugsEdit

If Jenssen is stolen from, he may send Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn to teach them a lesson.

Rescue MissionEdit

The Dragonborn may need to rescue him from Serpent's Bluff Redoubt for the Companions.

Hired MuscleEdit

Jenssen is a possible target that must be intimidated by initiating a brawl.


Acolyte Jenssen knows the following spells, which he may use in combat:


  • "Patience. The body needs time to mend."
  • "More rest will do you good."
  • "Try to relax. You'll be well soon enough."


  • Like Nazeem and Ahlam, Jenssen carries a Key to Wintersand Manor. This key has no known purpose in the current version of the Skyrim, but it was presumably intended for a location that did not survive the final testing stages of the game.
  • He wears monk robes.
  • When Acolyte Jenssen speaks to the Dragonborn, his name in the general subtitles is labelled as Jenssen rather than Acolyte Jenssen.


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