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The following list contains info on all Adamantium weapons found in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Each Adamantium weapon receives a +4 damage buff on top of the weapon's base stats.


Weapon Damage Hand(s) Description
Adamantium Dagger 5–10 One Double-edged, six inch to foot long blade.
Adamantium Tanto 5–12 One Short stabbing spike, less than a foot in length.
Adamantium Shortsword 5–12 One Sword with a two foot long double-edged blade.
Adamantium Staff 5–12 One Long pole effective as a club.
Adamantium Shortbow 7–12 Two Three to four foot tall bow; used with arrows.
Adamantium Wakizashi 5–14 One Sword with a three foot long blade single edged blade.
Adamantium Broadsword 5–16 One Long but broad-bladed double edged blade.
Adamantium Mace 5–16 One A war club with a spike ball on the end.
Adamantium Long Bow 6–16 Two Five to six foot tall bow; used arrows.
Adamantium War Axe 6–16 Two Short handled hatchet with a single blade.
Adamantium Saber 7–16 One Sword with a slightly curved edge.
Adamantium Morningstar 6–18 Two Rod chained to a heavy, spiked ball.
Adamantium Longsword 6–20 One Sword with a five foot long double blade.
Adamantium Battle Axe 6–20 Two Short-handled hatchet with a double-headed blade.
Adamantium Katana 7–20 One Four foot long single edged blade.
Adamantium Claymore 6–22 Two Sword with a double edge, five foot long blade.
Adamantium Warhammer 7–22 Two Heavy mallet, effective as a bludgeon.
Adamantium Dai-Katana 7–25 Two Sword with a five foot long, single-edged blade.
Adamantium Flail 8–20 Two Spiked ball and chain.


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