Addamasartus is a cave located northeast of Seyda Neen. The cave is home to a gang of three low-level slavers, their three slaves, and a rat.

If the Nerevarine chats with Eldafire in Seyda Neen, she might ask that something be done about the smugglers there. All of the smugglers in the cave are hostile, and will attack on sight.

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  • There is a hidden chamber in the cave that can be reached along two routes: by entering the gate at the back of the inner chamber and swimming through the water, or by traversing the rocky ledge immediately to the left when looking out from the slaves' pen. There is a cave rat and the bones of a corpse in this chamber. There is some armor, including a chitin right pauldron along with the left variation, and a few gold coins (Drakes) on the corpse. There is a thief ring near the ribcage, Pass through the submerged tunnel to emerge in a chamber with a rusted chest to the left containing a few drakes and random loot.
  • There is a fair amount of moon sugar and skooma in the smugglers' loot.
  • The three slaves freed in this cave count toward the twenty slaves needed to receive the code phrase and unlock the "Twin Lamps" quests from Ilmeni Dren.
  • There are two keys that will allow the player to open the slaves' bracers and the locked gates in this cave. One can be found on Tanisie Verethi, the other on a crate next to the water on the northern side of the cave.

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