Addut-Lamanu is a Dunmer Ashlander healer who resides at her yurt in Erabenimsun Camp.


Addut-Lamanu has potions and alchemy ingredients for sale. She has a total of 100 barter GoldIcon.


Addut-Lamanu has the following items in her inventory:


The Path of the IncarnateEdit

Nerevarine "We know about the prophecies. Our ashkhan and gulakhans say they are foolish superstition. There will be trouble if you speak with them. Perhaps you should speak to our wise woman, Manirai."

Erabenimsun NerevarineEdit

Nerevarine "We were told these prophecies were foolish superstition. But you have made many changes here. Now we think, maybe these are not foolish superstition. Maybe you are something special. Maybe we can hope for something better."


  • Even though Addut-Lamanu is not essential, if she is killed it will be not be possible to complete the quest "Erabenimsun Nerevarine."


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