"Greetings! I have a message for you from Valaste, Mistress of Incunabula."
―Adelle Montagne[src]

Adelle Montagne is a Breton residing in Aldcroft, Glenumbra. She is a member of the Mages Guild.

When the Vestige talks to her, there's the following dialogue. It starts the quest "Long Lost Lore."

"Greetings! I have a message for you from Valaste, Mistress of Incunabula."

A message for me? "Indeed! She has a task for you. You'll want to speak with her as soon as you can."
Where can I find her? "Valaste awaits you at the Guildhall in Davon's Watch, along the eastern coast of Stonefalls."
Ask you a few questions? "Of course! What can I tell you?"
Who is Valaste, again? "The Mistress of Incunabula for the Guild, the Keeper of Tomes. She's the guild's most accomplished loremaster, second only really to Guildmaster Vanus himself."
Do you know what she wants? "I don't, but she usually tries to offer new guildmates a chance to prove themselves. As you might imagine, she's keenly interested in acquiring new books for the lore library. Maybe she's got a lead on a trove of tomes?"

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