Adept Lakjo is a Khajiit priest residing in The Sugar Bowl in the city of Rimmen, Northern Elsweyr. He speaks to the Vestige about the Khajiit creation myth.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Would you like to hear the words of our beginnings?"

Sure. What are the words of your beginnings? "It was Azurah who shaped us, according to the will of her mother Fadomai. The Khajiit were made to be the fastest, cleverest, and most beautiful. Azurah gave us the gifts to climb to great heights, to deceive those who may harm us."
I see. "But there was a terrible cost to Azura's gift. Nirni, mother to all creatures, was furious that we had changed our shape. She turned our sweet grasslands to dry desert, our tall forests to thickets of thorns."
Didn't Azurah protect you? "Yes, by giving us the secrets of the moons and how to change our shapes. From the wisdom came the Pahmars and the Dagi, the Alfiq and the Ohmes. This is why the Khajiit remain faithful to Azurah, despite Nirni's great punishment."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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